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New Addition to Kancolle Collection Coming After Spring 2016...

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Coming to Kancolle Collection after spring of 2016: [content removed]


On January 22, 2016, the Devs had caught all of the KanColle Community worldwide with a huge surprise.

16 Inch Triple Gun Mk. 7, which were exclusive to USS Iowa-class Battleships were released as Monthly Ranking Reward!

※戦艦主砲「16inch三連装砲 Mk.7」は先行実装です。今年  実装される新艦娘の兵装として、今春以降に本実装予定です。

(Translated from above text: battleship gun "16inch three twin cannon Mk.7" is preceding implementation. As a weapon of new ship daughter to be implemented this year, it is this implementation plan to later this spring.)
(Source: [content removed]) [You need to be on Japanese VPN or have KC3 Cookies Method turned on to see the source]

According to the Devs, the Battleship who has the 16 Inch Triple Gun Mk.7 will be debuting after Spring. (Most likely Spring or Summer 2016 Event as per speculation)

(Could be another Iowa-class but...)

(See here for Iowa-class battleships https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iowa-cl...)

All Depictions of the Iowa-class Battleships are FAN-ARTs and are NON-OFFICIAL



Overt promotion/linking to other games. Post edited, thread locked, user warned.




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