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Kagerou's main gun dual purpose problem

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i wanna report that there's a weird condition stats on IJN DD tech trees.

i observe from Mutsuki's final gun has dual-purpose main gun, up to Fubuki and Kagerou has no such stat list on AA power.

the main gun (12.7cm twin gun type C/D) is not counted into AA, only 25mm autocannons are counted based to all hull & upgrades.

sorry for my Asian Grammar XD

Regard Ed,~

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The 12.7cm Type 3/50 used on most late war IJN DDs was called a DP gun but had only 6 deg per sec traverse, had to be reloaded at 10-5 degrees elevation and were fused manually. This made it almost useless as an AAA gun, so it's unsurprising that WG ignored them in AA calculation.


Looking forwards to Akizuki class though :3

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