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Voice Commanding World of Warships

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So some people are interested in how to make ships respond to voice commands. 

Go to the following Site, Download http://www.voiceattack.com/ and pay for it (14 Aussie dollars) 


So here is a little guide taken directly from the north american forums



Voice Attack Link: http://www.voiceattack.com/


Profile for Demo Clients (Import and Go!): http://www.mediafire...Attack_Lite.zip

Provides basic movement and ammo type controls.


Profiles for Full Clients (requires additional setup as it is multiple profiles): http://www.mediafire...Attack_Full.zip


To set up, you're going to need a full version of Voice Attack.


Then, you're going to have to import and edit the profiles, with the following references:


Standard Commands references Harbor Mode

Direct Combat references Navigation

Destroyer, Cruiser, Battleship Modes reference Direct Combat

Carrier Mode references Standard Commands.


In addition, if you want to use Priority Target, you will have to bind it to G (or edit it to the key of your choice).


Default mode should be Harbor Mode.


To switch to any mode, say *shiptype* mode and it will confirm

To stop Voice Attack Commands, say 'stop listening'

To start Voice Attack Commands, say 'start listening'


Standard Commands provide movement and UI, including:


Full Speed Ahead, Stop Engines, Reverse Engines, Increase/Decrease Speed, Damage Control, Map, Camera


Most abilities should be self-explanatory.

Tc1259 comments

This na forum has a heap of profiles, I took the basic control setup one and modified the commands


1. So it could understand Australia

2. So it sounded more natural to me

3. If you wanted it to sound cool, it can respond to you in a voice, I chose Jarvis from Iron Man

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You can teach your pc to understand your language, but i will admit it can take time


Yea that game i did try teaching function i did teach few word that i often use such as "Cover me" "Fire" "shoot" the rest i left it to faith :D:D:D  
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