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the Littorio battleship

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I'm starting to wish I had books, be them e-books or the hard copies because this derp is officially fried.


I've seen some of the funky battleships in the time but by far the Italian capital ship is interesting to say something about it.






Not THIS Littorio because this is a shipgirl most KanColle players are familiar with the name "Littorio"...




THIS Littorio. Glorious Italian steel.


There were four iterations planned but three were duly completed: Littorio, Vittorio Veneto, Roma and Impero. Regarding Impero's case however, she was about 30% done when Italy went belly-up in 1943, got seized by the Germans and used as a target ship, which is a shame since she was about to take form. We'll speak of the big sister.


Littorio's name was derived from the Ancient Roman position of the Lictor. These guys had the fasces (take bundle of sticks, tie axe or axehead with them and behold, fasces!) as an obvious badge of office and operated as bodyguards to VIP's, the maximum that was recorded having a bunch of em were about 24-26 with a dictator. The name suits the big battleship quite well as the Littorio was one impressive ship to see within the Regia Marina, there were even notions of some countries like Spain or Russia consulting Ansaldo, one of Italy's mighty companies that also had impressive shipyards themselves, for a similar design to theirs. One of which was this:



the U.P.41 design that was, at first glance, a "gimped" Littorio. This in particular was the projected thing for the Russians.


The battleship was protected with an impressive layout of 14 inches of belt, about 6 inches of deck to prevent her from being incapacitated by plunging fire, 10 to 11 inches of conning tower and about 14 inches of turret with the addition of her unique torpedo defense system. Her offensive armament has nine 15 inch Cannone da 381/45 Modelo 1934 made by Ansaldo which had a rather insane velocity if I remember correctly that if elevated right, can make her reach about 42km of indirect fire but also made the guns have an awful lot of dispersion and chew through the barrel life, twelve 6 inch guns grouped in triple mount turrets, two at fore and another two at aft,  several 4.7 inch guns that were loaded with star shells by default and an AA suite comprised of some 90mm guns, 37mm guns, and the close-in 20mm's for her contemporaries. 


One does not simply night battle together with an Italian ship.




Behold, her side cutout and the Pugliese system.


The Pugliese was one TDS that was really something as it should have been... one of the best protections against torpedoes there is. If everything was ideal and no deviations would ever happen in theory, the torpedo explosion's energy would hit that drum that was considered a "void area", literally focus the blast into crushing that void area and render the shockwave and the potential damage to a minimum... but sadly, the truth in the matter was another thing entirely as the torpedo blast gave the reinforcing bulkhead holding the large drum and the system inwards was in the path of least resistance, the blast itself could be said circumventing the void area and simply pushing through.


There's also the endurance of the ships. Sure they can reach 30 knots (complemented with her propulsion eating a load of fuel while doing so) which is really fast for a ship of size that's not a dread although anyone would be scared knowing a dreadnought, superdread or not, can reach 30 knots or more with its pudgy, well protected appearance, but their endurance is just limited to stalking the Mediterranean (some examples like Bismarck, Iowa, the Kongo's and the British battlecruisers have at least 8-9k nautical miles of range, the Littorios had about 4.5k nautical miles) and since the British control Gibraltar, it effectively turned the sea into a giant lake and its not actually helping in the design of the ship with the Pugliese taking a bit more space in the hull and limited the fuel she could run with adding the fact she burns fuel like its nothing. However this is not really saying that the ship isn't fully capable of enduring the more unpredictable ocean had the Italians expected they could even get out of the Med but they decided to forego that in order to destroy any French vessels where they were hellbent in sinking.


She was keeled in the Ansaldo shipyard in 1934 with other sister Vittorio Veneto being keeled in the same year as well (I noticed that there are two names for the Littorio class but I suspect this was due to the fact that there were two battleships keeled at the same time frame), had her shakedown, and was commissioned all as normal. She got whacked hard during the air raid at Taranto where she took a couple of torpedoes with one that failed to explode that proved to be a painstaking task as any disarming that went awry would set off the detonator within and to add to the complications she was severely damaged from that surprise attack. After repairs, she and her sisters skulked around the Med for convoy interdictions at most during the war before Italy went belly-up, she did have her share of runs. First brawl at Sirte had her unload at long range with none of the shells connecting, second brawl at Sirte had her whack a few British destroyers at the same time taking damage herself from torpedoes and a 4.7 shell hit which caused a bit of damage in itself, got hit by a heavy bomb during her search for a convoy and another torpedo hit that incapacitated her enough for repairs at port whilst her sister Vittorio Veneto proved her fear factor to the point the British aborted a convoy run.


After Italy went belly-up, she was renamed Italia and as she and several other ships were being escorted to internment, they came under attack from German bombers carrying the Fritz X bomb that was, in a sense, a generation zero anti-ship missile, had one hit her yet overpenetrated, but sunk her sister Roma. Was interned for a while and eventually scrapped at the 50's at La Spezia.


In-game wise, I'm actually expecting her have an effective range of 23km the same as North Carolina with a bit worse dispersion than her, a load time of 33 seconds, reasonable turret traverse, fast velocity despite the high shell arc, short time to reach full power on the engine, fairly sluggish rudder shift and two things regarding torpedo strikes depends on the RUdevs; either assuming the Pugliese had no problems in theory and in practice which enables her to suck up torpedoes OR she'll take more damage from a torpedo strike.


Derp.exe is over

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Italian Ships <3 

Better come with free macaroni :P


Well that or you'd like dreads.

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