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Upgrade doesn't work on Yamato?

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Why doesn't Yamato's rudder shift time reduce when i mount steering gears mod 2 on her? Her basic rudder shift time is 17.6s. It doesn't change when i mount this ungrade on :<

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I'm guessing its an UI bug... Unfortunately I don't have the Yamato yet, so I can't test it for you.

But try doing the following :

  1. Demount or destroy your current rudder shift upgrade,get into a random battle.
  2. During the start of the match, put your rudder completely to the port or starboard side
  3. Use your phone's stopwatch and start counting as you release the "A" or "D" key.
  4. Stop your phone's stopwatch when the rudder returns to the middle and record the result.
  5. Repeat from step 2 to 4 but this time with the upgrade installed.

See if there's any differences between two.

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Hello, mate. I check out the Yamato stats on live server. Originally the rudder shift time without the upgrade is 22.1 seconds, with upgrade it's 17.6 seconds.


Doing math:

22.1 seconds of Yamato's rudder shift time x 0.20 to rudder shift time upgrade = 4.42 seconds decrease

22.1 seconds - 4.42 seconds = 17.68 seconds, which is your new rudder shift time after the upgrade.


This is correct, mate. Not display error. 17 seconds is actually fast turn for tier 10 battleship. Montana rudder shift time is 22.2 seconds.

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