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[Ask Veteran] How do you play ... Cruiser (CA) ?

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How do you ... veteran players, play CA ?

(Detailed answer, explain USN and IJN's CA pros & cons, also tier by tier if you can.)

I had and playing all USN and IJN ships, plus Soviet DD.

I play CV, BB, CA and DD. For me, I'm confident when play CV, BB and DD ... of all faction. But, when playing CA of USN and IJN these days, I felt noobs. Why ? Because my scoring are not very stable, and never reach no 1 in a match (win or lose, doesn't matter) and my average CA score are lower than my other class ship's score.


Playing CV ... by each USN and IJN CV style, I know how to play it and got a decent score.

Playing BB ... only a fool got low scored when playing BB.

Playing DD ... understanding, learning and mastering the style of Soviet, USN and IJN DD. Sometime get a decent score, sometimes over scored, sometimes Kraken Unleashed. Still not stable though, but in a good way.


In the face of BB, CA and DD are same, they are weak. Though a DD that smart maneuver & attacking could easily sunk a BB.

In the face of DD, CA are mixed feeling. CA can easily destroy a DD if they aren't smart & agile, but many times, CA had no chance to winning against smart DD players.

In the face of same class, CA vs CA ... The one who shoot better and supported are gonna win.


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Hn? You summoned???

I've played USN CAs madly during CBT and grind IJNs right now (bit distracted by CV, lol) and German, I got data from some skype chat

So, let's start

Things they have in common

Try don't go alone, go with escorts


Pros-Good citadel protection

       -AA? Oh boy, from Cheatland upwards, they are nothing but plane's hell

       -Guns on the early tiers and the Dead Flamethrower Moan Des Moines got a DPM of god, which, fires, and with luck, citadel throwers in close range

Cons-Sub-orbital Shell arc, they wanna shoot to the moon, so your aiming has to be a lot different

        -Where are my mighty torpedus-No torps from Omaha upwards, disappointment

So basically, stay with Bottlesheeps and use your AA, while flamethrowing as support and be anti DD- Hell, cheatland is good for ARP Myoko


Pros-High tier IJN CA especially Senjou Zao got railgun penetration, can citadel bottlesheeps at close range(I won't recommend it lol)

       -Torpedus, have very good torpedoes indeed

       -Guns on low-tiers are(starting from Fruitcake Furutaka at Tier 5 is a 203, CA standard, which gives above average penetration

Cons-Citadels are very easy to be hit, they are floating citadels, so don't show broadsides, try go head-on

Note: Gameplay change from Kuma to Furutaka will be painful, you need to switch from DD hunter to be BB escort


Pros-German AP Stronk, can penetrate nearly everything

       -Annoyingly hard to score a citadel hits

Cons-Oh dear, because of high shell velocity, even HE overpens DD, which means HE sucks

        -Citadels are hard to hit in German kroozers, but it can take a lot of damage without having to be citadel hits

Oh, you have torpedus too, mighty torpedos

So, basically, you either escort a BB or form a team with other CA and DDs and go DD hunting, also, you can be a capper. So watch out for caps too, don't think it's a DD job



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i'll keep it simple, 

vs BB = engage at max range use your manoeuvrability to avoid as much damage as you can. (Don't give your broadside!) - you will slowly burn down the BB

i'll add in a german cruiser, you don't want to be hit even once by a BB's shells, everything will penetrate and do considerable damage.

vs CA/CL = it's essentially equal terms here RNG or skill will decide (the finer details come with battle experience)

vs DD = no contest, close the distance and blow the DD out of the water in seconds, ( Expect torpedo's from DD allways ) unless it is supported it stands no chance.

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Common Roles: DD hunter, BB escort, AA platform ,Cruiser hunter


Common rule of thumb: Use AP against cruisers , Hunting BB's are not your main priority , Stick together with your team dont lonewolf if possible. angling + maneuvering is VITAL



> Glorious AA,will tear planes to shreds from the clev Cheatland onwards

>No torps! , keep that in mind when trying to engage some bigger capital ships ( again BB is not a cruiser's main priority to engage. Unless there is only a BB present near you)

> good DPM. In some cases some ships are like MG's dumping their shells 

> Err not so good hell arc, needs time to get used to

> Good armor protection overall, though some ships might be lightly armored.


When using USN cruisers , like conk said earlier . Stick together , cover friendly ships like BB's with your AA and fire support. Engage DD's or other Cruisers when needed ( remember, these two are the topmost priority for a cruiser to engage )



> Torpedoes! yes you go torpedoes , which makes for a more flexible playstyle . You have that extra omph to actually do more damage or even take out larger capital ships. Though its not as versatile as DD torpedoes.

> Hard hitting 203's/8 inchers . Gives good penetration values overall . Starting from the Furutaka, all cruisers ( except the mogami, you can use the 6 inchers too) are armed with 203mm/8 inch  guns only for their main guns. ( note: jumping from the kuma to the furutaka requires some adaptation to your playstyle , as your'e going from a shell spamer/ RoF based gameplay to a hard hitter which spams way less shells but does more dmg in one hit)

> Large citadels! keep that in mind when engaging other cruisers or BB's ( especially BB's, those IJN cruiser broadsides are an easy prey for their big guns) 

>Avg AA , will get the job done though not a good as the USN AA suite


With the IJN cruisers you do have that option of torpedoes, which makes for a more flexible and dynamic playstyle . but for the rest its like the USN cruisers role wise ( cover teammates, hunt DD's CA/CL etc)  with that added flexibility of course.



>Good RoF and shell velocity  for 203mm /8 inch guns in the higher tiers , though compensated by slightly lower dmg . 

>Stronk German armor , better than most CA's off the bat in the higher tiers. Lower/mid tiers well it varies 

> Torpedoes! though not as good as the IJN ones in terms of range, their placement in the ship makes for a much pleasant thing to use.

> Average AA, for the high tiers. Mid tiers (5-6) the AA is well...........




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