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Bug Report: Aircraft was kept circling.

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Issue:   Aircraft was kept circling.

Screenshots: I uploaded the replay on mediafire: http://www.mediafire.com/download/yql5ob82bl3l363/20160107_173125_PASA010-Ranger-1944_17_NA_fault_line.wowsreplay. The bug occurred when about 13 mins and 45 seconds remaining.

Ship: Ranger
Map: Fault Line
Occurrences:  at least 5 times
Tested:  It is not easy to test the bug (see details), but I and my friend have got the bug at least 5 times.
Severity: Serious

This replay shows I got the bug with bombers, but I have got the bug several times with torpedo bombers in both Random Battle and Co-Battle games.

The bug occurred when I use Alt to order bombers or torpedo bombers to attack some position. At that time, the direction of the aircraft are perpendicular to the link of the aircraft and the bomb-release point approximately and the aircraft group is close to the bomb-release circle.


Here is a topic in Chinese reporting the same bug. Some player also got the bug when use Alt to order the fighters to BZ. 



Edit: I only got the bug in the 0.5.2.x version.



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I got the same bug, sadly didn't think of screenshotting it at that moment.

Ship: Bogue.

Map: Strait

Seems to occur when a squadron of Torpedo Bombers is in "orange" (going-to-release-torps) state (manual mode) while chased by a fighter, after that it continued to circled infinitely.

Severity: High. I can't do a thing about that squadron, and it's my only bomber squadron.

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I also encounter this bug when order fighter manual attack

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