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How Ttis works WG

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Since I told Tanitha that it`s a [content removed] towards Australian players  my win ratio go quickly down.. It is as intended? in WoT and in WoWS. Any thoughts about, guys or just tinkering about win ratio Thanks for any useful  input

BTW my win ratio fell in last  weeks  from 47 to 44



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Nope there's no bias against Australian players or against whingers.

Your win rate has dropped probably because of a few reasons:

1 School holidays; Not all school age players are bad but I'd say a good percentage don't care about win rates and just want to blow stuff up.

2 Damage dealt; In my own estimation you probably need to be doing at least 40k damage T4 and above (a generous estimate) in a game to have enough influence for getting even close to a win.

3 Kill/ death rate; It wouldn't matter if you got 100k damage in a game if you aren't getting kills.

4 Survival rate; You need to survive to do the damage, to get the kills.

5 Achieving Goals; A win can be achieved without doing any damage if goals are achieved such as capturing zones.

6 Self examination; This is key to improving, to be critical of your own actions in game and change accordingly.

7 Flexibility; Being aware of the battle as it unfolds and adjust to the demands.

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