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I play my heart out for DDs but the Mutsuki is uhmm... hmmm...

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In my last post I was weighing between two Tier 6 DDs (The Ognevoi, and the Mutsuki) and now I have them both :playing:. Still working on upgrades on the Oggy but she's performing to spec although her guns could use a little more work with them being KO'd frequently... I can do pretty ok with a stock Oggy which makes me look forward to her upgrades...


The Mutsuki however is uhmmm oh dear... I usually can gauge the ability of any new ship with the first few games (knowing it's strengths and weaknesses) win or lose... but this boat, gave me a unnerving feeling... I'm ending up red-faced with embarrasment half the time with her... I played my heart out with the Minekaze sinking targets left and right with her torps even when she was still at stock but this boat... hmmmm


I'm humbly seek the enlightenment of DD players to give me some insight into this boat... Some say that I should keep the stock torps for the speed but c'mon 6KM range with a 6.2 detection range? That goes against my very IJN DD playstyle of "Being as sneaky as Donald Trump walking thru Mexico" Some even say to stick with Hull B...


Honestly I'd love to make this ship work (for Kisaragi's sake :() and I know with time it'll come to that but I am here seeking the advice of DD vets to expose potential pitfalls I may encounter... After all Tier 6 is where it all truly begins...


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Tier VI destroyers, except Farragut are not as good as their predecessors in my opinion. 

Like you've said about Ognevoi, her turrets get knocked out all the time. And it's extremely frustrating when you are playing a gunboat that relies on guns to do damage. Her predecessor, Gnevny. has same number of guns but they are independently mounted on 4 turrets, so it is not so painful to get one of your turret KO.

Mutsuki... Slower than Minekaze. Torps are more powerful but reload time is so long. Only have 2 guns on the top hull making the ship hopelessly out-gunned when facing enemy DD at close range. The increase number of AA doesn't help much in shooting down aircraft. So i prefer using my Minekaze to Mutsuki.

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Mutsuki's pretty good once you've familiarised yourself with her playstyle.

However there are a few things required for her to get out of her snail house.


First of all never ever upgrade to her 3rd hull, research it to get to Pantsuharu and then leave it be.

The gun upgrade would be nice, but the 3rd hull cuts your gun armament by 50% reducing you to 2 guns.


Now some would argue that JP DDs' guns are worthless, but the truth is that they can get some good damage out there.

The main issue is that the guns are very situational.

If you're under fire from a fast firing CA then you'd want to focus on dodging rather than firing your guns.

For a BB you'll want to dodge the salvo, then broadside it and fire all 4 guns.


Generally when you feel like a target is about to fire on you the best option is to either turn into the target or away from it.

This usually depends on what range you're at.

Against most targets 6km should be the closest you'd want to get, against fast firing CAs you'd prolly want to stay above 7km or 8km.

(This is all considering that the target is firing on you)


DDs are a different bag.

Other JP DDs should be fought in a duel, leave your torpedoes be and focus on precision shots with your guns.

Most JP DD players will try to torpedo you and while it's unlikely that they will succeed it's still a good idea to change the course in case of

an clever enemy.


US DDs should be engaged at the longest possible range.

Against those you're fighting how you would find a CA with a BB, i.e. you dip into firing range, unleash a well aimed salvo

to deal massive damage and then gtfo to avoid getting blasted into space by constant machinegun fire.


If you do get into a melee fight with an US DD then I suggest some well aimed torpedoes, aim them in a way that the spread

will make him turn into an unfavourable positon.

Fire your guns as effective as possible and try to gain some distance between you and him.

JP DD's guns may reload slower, but they can deal lethal damage to US DDs with only a few well placed salvos..


The same thing applies to RU DDs.


One last thing to remember is that gun fire has a habit of getting you spotted, so on certain maps/situations you'd prolly want to avoid firing too much.


As for torpedoes:

My general rule of thumb is to unload a salvo whenever possible.

While I do aim them well I also usually spray and pray with them, hence the ridiculously low hit rate I usually get with torpedoes.

The thing is that while my hitrate is low I usually end up hitting the right things at the right time or keep ugly things away from me

by making them turn.


Personally I prefer the 10km torpedoes, some people prefer the 6km torps due to the faster speed.

Seeing that my minimum fighting range against most targets is 6km you're prolly capable of imagining that

I don't particularly like the idea of firing torpedoes that may bite the dust before reaching the target.


Additionally the 10km torpedoes can usually be fired twice on the same target while approaching it.

I.e. once at 10km and then again at whatever range I've reached.


The aiming depends on the target.

I usually fire one salvo slightly in front of the indicator and the other one at the location I predict the target to dodge into.


Finally, keep in mind that your guns (Assuming you have the tier IV +20% range skill) almost have as much range as your torpedoes.

This gives you the opportunity to launch the first salvo and then maximise your damage on the target by slugging shells into it.

Obviously it depends on the target's behaviour, if you have a 100% oblivious BB you'd prolly not want to make him aware of yourself and the torpedo salvos

before the game does.


I highly suggest playing around with the idea of a hybrid gun/torp playstyle, since Pantsuharu on the next tier will favour a similiar playstyle, too.

She comes with two doublebarreled mounts and one single mount, getting her the firepower of 5 guns when broadsiding.

At the same time her torpedo range is 10km and her gun range ~11km, i.e. you can open fire with your guns several seconds before entering torpedo range.


Of course this isn't the only playstyle to go with, you can focus solely on torpedo attacks, or you can prioritise CV hunting,

but generally this is the playstyle had the most fun with.



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The Mutsu is awful for it's tier. I got halfway through it, gave up and free XP'd my way to the Fubuki, which is now my most favourable ship. Average XP is 1,597 in it so far :medal:


The only thing I can imagine more painful than the Mutsu grind would be to have to sit through a Vladimir Putin comedy show... :ohmy:


No need to warn me about the Putin comment. I'm aware that "they" are already watching me... :hiding:


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My playstyle is a bit different from general opinion so please use this only as reference and not as a sure-guide...


At first you will have difficulty with the stock torps, and that's why usually you'd want to pile up free exps to get the 10km torp module... higher tiers need longer time to reload their torps and slower speed so the general rule of thumb is to not spam a salvo if they're farther than 8 kms <unless you know they'll hit>, ...


I find her guns to be more accurate than Minekaze; still, use them only in DD vs DD engagement...

Always keep your distance from larger ships; contrary to what people generally says, <never> use the wide spread torpedo against larger ships when you're more than 6 kms away (yes, this means generally you never use it at all in a round). The trick is to use the white line as guideline, and launch once to where you guess they'll sail to and once a bit farther or closer, depending on the situation and their bearings...


So when to use wide spread?

- Sabotaging a convoy of 3 or 4 large ships led by a cruiser

- Sealing an escape route

- Engaging DD in close combat


Against BBs - lone BBs are your main prey, you see one nearby, close in and aim for a kill. White line is usually reliable.

Against cruisers - you can aim for a hit, but don't expect a kill, unless they have less than 60% HP. don't expect a hit if you're launching torpedoes according to the white line, you always have to see their bearings.

Against DDs - if you're spotted by an enemy DD, use your guns only, if you're forced to use your torpedoes - only use one set at a time, both wide spread...

Like Retia said, IJN DDs' guns are actually very reliable once you've learn how to aim fast and perfectly. Don't see the generally lower RoF as a weakness, instead use the delay between each salvo to check your surroundings while performing dodging maneuvers.


unlike Minekaze, it's more difficult for Mutsuki to flee from combat in ambush scenarios, so once you're closing in for an ambush keep this mindset; do it with might, definitely aim for killing, don't bail midway, you'll die anyway if you fail so you have to succeed...

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stock mutsuki

-6km torpedo with 6.2km spotting range

-6km gun

above are the main problems of stock mutsuki


6km torps with 6.2km spotting range, it seems terrible

but actually you can still launch torpedo in range without being spotted

when an enemy within 7km is moving towards you

you can launch your torpedo, by the time the torps reach the target, he should have been within 6km from your previous position

which means they'll be able to hit the target


6km guns, really awful

but it only takes 3000exp to get the 7km gun

so, upgrade the gun first


the main problem of playing mutsuki

-72second reload time

-easily-spotted torpedo(probably solved in 0.5.2)


72second, it's about 50% more than that of minekaze

many people don't get used to it


-get that lv2 captain skill to reduce 10% torp reload time(72->64.8)

-only launch torp when necessary

-launch every salvo of torps carefully

you can use the 6km torpedo to practice launching torpedo more aggressively/close-range torping while staying unspotted


for the torpedo spotting range, there's no solution


(choose of module)


I suggest 4 guns

although the 2guns reload and turn much faster

DD's guns break easily, losing 1 out of 2 guns would be much worse than 1 out of 4

and AA is useless currently(as CV population shrinks)


6km 62kn or 10km 59kn torps?

it depends on what you want

6km is for tackling single target

10km is for torping a fleet

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Its one of the traps in this game, upgrades are not always better.

You can sell the ship and rebuy it with only the upgrades you want.

I wish I'd twigged I could get the upgrade(XP) but not fit it (credits) before just now.

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Its one of the traps in this game, upgrades are not always better.

You can sell the ship and rebuy it with only the upgrades you want.

I wish I'd twigged I could get the upgrade(XP) but not fit it (credits) before just now.


Well the additional AA does make it more difficult for CVs to keep an overwatch above her and with the higher rate of fire

she won't lack firepower either.

The main issue with the upgraded hull is that solo pubbing is much easier when you have the alpha capabilities rather than two fast firing turrets.

In a division with the right people in the right ships the upgraded hull might be a better choice.


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By using the advise you guys shared about this boat I gotta say my game has improved... Had a few games on her and I sunk 1 CV in one game and 2 in another (I think) but she's starting to turn around for me... You guys make Kisaragi proud...  :rolleyes:

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The Mutsuki is quite dismal when compared to the Minekaze (which I still love a lot!) mainly because it is slower. Although its (upgraded) torps have a longer range, they are slower and most times, the tangos can just out maneuver them if you launch from a distance. Alas, the Hatsuharu is no better. It's speed is slower and you get spotted easier. Only saving grace is the faster (upgraded) torps.


Grinding my way towards a Fubuki. 

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