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Buying a New Ship Problem

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Can somebody help me on this...How can i purchase this ship with only these credentials


4 million credits




Here's a step by step picture tutorial on how to purchase a ship.


Before buying a ship, you have a few things to make sure of.

First, you will need port slot in order to purchase the ship. To check that,simply go to the ship carousel (bottom part of your screen).


Vacant slot : number  shows how many port slots you have remaining. In this case, I have 4 left,meaning that I can still buy 4 ships before I ran out of port slots.

If you do ran out of port slots, you can either sell useless ship by right clicking on them and click sell or buy more ship slots using doubloons.


Second, you will need to have enough credits for the ship you are going to purchase (duh).


As you can clearly see, the "Required : credits amount" shows the amount of credits you still need to get in order to purchase said ship. If you have enough credits,it'll be replaced by a "Purchase" button.

Now that you know what to check before buying a ship, here's the fun part! You buy the ship!

Alright so I used Hashidate as an example because I'm broke (gibe me free sheep pl0x im p00r)


Step 1 : Click "Purchase"

Remember what I've talked about earlier where if you have enough credits to buy a ship, the credits required will be replaced by a single "Purchase" button? Well here it is.



Step 2 : Click YES to YES.

After you clicked the purchase button, something like this will show up. You can choose to buy the ship with a slot (meaning if you have 4 vacant slot left before buying the ship,you'll have 4 vacant slot left after buying the ship because you bought the ship that comes with a port slot itself), or without slot. The "Senior Command Course" , "Naval Academy" are commander skill points you can purchase. Now after you're ready to throw your money at the cashier to get your ship, click Yes. (notice how this ship costs 0 credits because its a Tier 1 ship)



Step 3: Profit!!!111!

Congratulations! You just bought your new ship!


tl;dr just make sure you have port slot and enough money to buy the ship.


*sigh* why do I have to make this so complicated...


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