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Profile Privacy Activated

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Just had a look at my player profile on the website and I now see a button where we can change its privacy settings.

3 Options

Profile Privacy Settings

  • The profile is public.

  • The profile is private.

  • The profile is available via link only.

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For those that don't like XVM and other sites enabling other players calling you out for your stats or targetting you because of them:

A quick guide on how to change your privacy settings:

1. go to the portal and your profile (Players tab - when logged in the default is your profile)



2.  Find the privacy link:



3.  Select the option you prefer:
Public = just that, everyone can view/access

Private = just that, no one can view/access

Link = only those you give the link to can view your profile





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You know, I'm grateful that they did this for this game. They should do the same for WoT too. I believe this would be instrumental in reducing the amount of vitriol that you find because someone sees a player name red or orange and start berating them in chat for being tomatoes and noobs. Then again, maybe not. But given the choice to turn that off in WoT may give a player that sense of relief not being assaulted verbally because they're not some uber tank warrior.

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