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Clan Recruitment [BULL] Is looking for sailors and tankers!

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Since there is no official clan thread/section I will post one. I will post our clan recruitment thread for BULL from the wot forums. BULL was founded by Aussies and Kiwis for common clans, that is world of tanks and world of warships.


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Hello Forums,
Lets start with introductions, My IGN Black_Pantheras. I'm an Australian player who started WoT in the NA cluster 2011, before starting anew here. I am the commander of the Aussie [bULL], a new clan dedicated to uniting players of World of tanks and the upcoming World of Warships, through common clans. We are looking for mature, loyal, friendly and active players. My vision is to become a strong competitive clan that offers training, participates in tournaments and eventually has a strong presence on the Global map through Clan Wars. To do this we need YOU.
Our requirements
  • Tiers: Any tier, as we will platoon with you to help you save free xp for WoWS.
  • If you plan to do WoT clanwars with us then having at least one Tier X tank is mandatory
  • Not Bot stats :trollface:
  • Speak English
  • Mature 17+
  • Be dedicated to this clan
  • Be friendly with others
  • Great at teamwork
  • Have Headphones (Mic if possible)
  • For competitions and skirmishes have RaidCall http://www.raidcall.com/index.html
  • Be willing to participate in Skirmishes and later clan wars
  • Be on at least 2-3 times a week (the more the merrier) :teethhappy:
  • Be available 7:00 pm+ (GMT +11:00)
The benefits:
  • You get a friendly social clan
  • Once unified accounts starts you can convert your saved Free xp and use it on WoWS! 
  • You get to participate not only Wargaming competitions but in-clan competitions
  • As an Alpha Tester of WoWS I can platoon with you from Closed Beta onwards and help you get to your A-Game :playing:
  • I can inform you when Closed Beta is released so you can get your place at the top of the list when applying
  • And much more that I can't think of! :trollface:
Easy! Submit an application on the WoT Site at http://worldoftanks.asia/community/clans/2000001843/
If you have any questions feel free to PM me!



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No clan recruitment or CR/D in Alpha or closed beta. When we reach Open Beta, appropriate sections for clans will be set up. Thread closed and locked.



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