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Major Release 2 days before Christmas (3GB) - Bandwidth killer & and the 'extract' is failing...

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Just wanted to comment on the fact that there is a major release V5.2, 2 days before Christmas.

The problem is two fold... I play WOWS (which I love by the way) on a laptop.
I have already travelled, and am now with my family who don't have unlimited download limits or fantastic bandwidth.

The 3 GB download takes about 1 hour 30 when the bandwidth is good....and if the extracting process worked the first time I could even live with it. The problem is when we get to the extract process, it finds an error and then starts the download all over again. 

I have now spend 4 hours trying to download (as I can't play the game without downloading the new client) and have had more than 1 failure so I have now consumed about 8-9 GB of bandwidth and still do not have the client upgraded, and have just started again.

Not great timing... I'm sure I'm not the only one having issues with large downloads at Christmas.... would be nice if the client download was optional so I could still play until I could find a decent download window...

Just thought I would share the feedback as I'm now offline till further notice...

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Not meaning to be "that guy" but how would having the option to download the patch later but still being able to play online vs people who are on a different patch build work unless you're talking about having a rewardless version of co-op?


Anyway, hopefully it works this time round for you. :honoring:

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Being as you're offline for a while, submit a support ticket.

Don't spam them as they reset your counter with each additional addendum to your ticket.

Pretty typical of WG to drop "Patches" just before holidays, I'm getting popcorn now while the storm develops.

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