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The Krakens community guide on how to become unicum.

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Ok this topic is for community suggestions on what ships to use in each current game meta (which may or may not change each patch update), to achieve a "unicum" status for (a) player in wows.

Watching the how the unicums played in WoT for 5 years, and personally combating unicum players, and seeing them drop faster than a bag of spuds, but somehow still be amazing at the game....gives me a bit of experience, and I'm confident pooling our knowledge we can do it together.


In WoT it would go something like this:  use T50/2 for 1.5 years until it is removed for being OP, then Hellcat for 2 years until it is finally nerfed for being too OP, as well as other pro tips such as


1) Always play in a platoon/ division, NEVER SOLO. Join a clan.

2) Always shoot gold (or use it as in this game for camo, mods, flags etc).

3) Play when your enemies are weakest 2-5am Singapore time as often as you can.

4) Stay arty safe AT ALL TIMES, be prepared to camp for 15 minutes.

5) Let some random pubbie do the lighting, YOU DO THE SMITING.


So for stage 1 we need to identify what are the important aspects of this game that give huge advantages to the TEAM, and then HOW the INDIVIDUAL, (you), and your division can capitalize, to become unicum.


One absolutely HUGE advantage I've noticed recently is with CV's. A GREAT CV Captain will use his planes to spot enemy DD's even in smoke, and to prevent enemy planes from spotting your teams DD's.

Unfortunately, I've also noticed my teams tend to fail to notice this, and fail to shoot at said DD's, or certainly fail to hit them with the thousands of rounds I see getting fired :/


Another big advantage is, don't rush to be the first to cap A B or C. Usually the first to cap loses a ship or 3, and then the game after 15 more minutes.

Now what ships to use to best carry a below average team, as we MUST PLAN FOR THE WORST. I would suggest below tier 6, as CV's above that are very powerful, I would also suggest something that has cloak of invisibility and torp spam for defenses. In fact, if you play tier 2 or 3 you might not see ANY CV's!. :)


My current suggestion for unicum ship would be:

the tier 2 IJN DD.


And following the other parts of the guide. 

-Play in division ONLY.

-Use all bonuses every time, flags at tier 2 not so important as 1 torp hit, your dead, but all module and skill bonuses you can muster.

-Stay invisible as often as possible, turn off AA, you don't need it at tier 2.

-As soon as torps are loaded, unleash them, every 15 seconds!.

-Use camo paint.

-Play when your enemies are tired and weak.


If you insist on playing high tiers:

-Play a USN CV.

-OP out your fighters/ dive bombers with skills, mods, gold etc.

-Use fighters to light up enemy hidden ships, and protect your own from being spotted for the first 10-15 minutes of the game.

-Then when you enemy is weakened by your team being able to hit what you lit, unleash your dive bombers.


All other suggestions welcome, and welcome to the world of unicum.


PS to devs, we need a gunnery school.



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I love how you put it out on the forum but lets say for my WoT journey :D:D:D


I always use AMX 50 100 

1. I love auto loader (personal preference lol) 

2. Is the competitive vehicle peoples use it in E-Sport and etc. that mean every clan will look for peoples with good stats on it and using some tank to pad the stats cannot fool peoples who can read the stats.

3. I dont see the point of having good stats in low tiers, if you love to play it thats fine (personal preference lol) but if you hop in T18 just to pad the winrate, i rather spent my time in higher tiers when i can face other skillful player to improve my gameplay and actual skill not the number.

4. Im not always use gold because it mean that i depend on the equipment not my skill (and i can farm credits more effectively lol) 


This also apply to my WoWs journey and i always trying to improve because i know that there a lots of lots of better player out there and only way i can challenge them is to take them head-on.


Stats is just indicator to me, gameplay is everythings :D:D:D 



Oh another things i think always asking you self the questions is important such as

- What i could do better

- What can i prevent this from happening

- What did i do wrong

- How can i be more influence to the team

- How i can become better  


And in my opinion you should not blaming your teammate because its never help improve anythings :P

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Pro Tips:


1: Don't Die

2: Sink Everything else.


3. Don't Yolo.

4. Don't go off by yourself.

5. Do not push when team is starting to sail the opposite way.

6. Keep one on the map the other on in front of you.

7. Know when to retreat and when to stand your ground (sea).

8. Be a team player, don't try to carry your team, support them as much as possible the other stuff will come in time.

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Only one tip:

Just be DeathSkyz. Or Retia.

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Or Retia.


Strongly disagree, I consider my performance average at best, sub-average in general.


- My overall gun accuracy is bad with only the RU DDs coming close to an ideal value.

- Same with average damage which should be at 50k per battle to hit a consistent average performance.

- Similiarly survivability appears to be an issue with roughly 50%.

- Additionally both base capture and base defense values are lower than I'd like them to be.


Overall I'd prolly need to focus more while playing to slowly get better.

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No, you need to focus less. Let me kill-steal more. :P


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