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So, what do you do when you're off the helm?

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As you all may know, we can't be just sitting in front of the helm all the time :look:... Curiousity got me though as to what we do when we're not playing WOWS... Who knows? Maybe you might find someone here with the same interests as you asides from playing this gem of a game and maybe discover a new war buddy...


To get the ball rolling, I'll start...


If I'm not found in front of the helm I'm usually with my lady probably going out on a food trip... I love great food especially if it's the kind that's not found anywhere like real Indian food (Gotta love them curries)... Sometimes I browse the net for a good naval documentary... or a Naval Movie... :popcorn:


Sometimes I find myself helping out a close lady friend with her fashion work... Mind you I find it very relaxing trimming laces for a wedding gown, kind of like meditating... Ocassionally I find entertainment in watering the garden at night or early dawn...


If not that then I'm probably drunk somewhere else with my friends or getting down to a long drive to god knows where with a friend or two... :B

SO, What do you do when your decide to dock in port for the time being?? THANKS FOR THE READ! :honoring:

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Watched Star Wars today.






I got tickets (which were VERY hard to come by to see the movie at the IMAX here in Sydney. It's the worlds largest fixed movie screen :)

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Lol, if im not found playing Wows, im doing one of the following

-  Playing World of tanks with My wife

- Playing stuffed bear tag with my daughter

- Driving a very long distance to a meeting

- tinkering with anything crazy technical.... from guns to computers to our car

- eating a sandwich with some chips on the side:teethhappy:


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~ University

~ Youtube

~ internet

~ other games (mostly fps)

~ WoT Blitz

~ RC (nitro models)

~ Derping around on my G4

~ driving


Forgot anime and manga :)

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Work, almost everyday from 8:30 to 17:30, sometime a little overtime but never exceed 19:30

Work again as a tutor, at home teaching English class. Telling students why it is much more beneficial to study vocabulary and speaking reflexes rather than hard grammar like inversion or relative clauses.

Feeding my kitten, helping my fiancé doing the other chores (like help her cooking, dumping garbage, doing dishes, etc.)

Grinding the gears, either airsoft or ceremonial pistol. Dry fire practice.

Some exercises, training myself not to unload freedom every 3-5 seconds :D

Prepare my work for the next day

If some time for spare, then Ghost Recon Phantoms, Assassin's Creed Syndicate Jack the Ripper DLC, Fallout 4 basebuilding military wasteland style, reading books, watching comedies on YouTube, then World of Warships forum, then World of Warships, Tanks and War Thunder...

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