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Force-Shove in the face of this Words of Advice

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Copy and Paste this text to Login Screen and Loading Screen, with big and bold fonts.

  • This game encourage you to do team cooperation and communication to get the best play experience and good probability of winning matches.
  • Failing to cooperate and communication will have higher probability of having bad playing experience and losing match by match.
  • Unaware or careless to the team effort are will always affecting your team overall situation, that usually ending in bad.
  • Using in-battle chat system to coordinating and devise tactical decision are better than to use it typing meaningless and unrelated thing in the game, or worse, to cursing and demeaning other players.
  • Also keep using English language, so the other players had higher probability understand what you want to say.
  • Joining our official forum http://forum.worldofwarships.asia/ could help you quickly learning the gameplay and each ships roles by communicating with other players who had better experience and knowledge of WoWs.


Definitely, my grammar are not good and this words are not exactly the perfect sentence. But what important is the meaning of it.

Create this idea, and force implementing this word of advice on the Login Screen and Loading Screen.

Maybe they will skip to read or understand the advice meaning at the beginning, but when they experience losing match by match and frustrate by it, they will eventually start to read it and will make an effort to increase their performance by doing what the words of advice mention.


Note : If you confidence in English, or better yet, an English Teacher ... do please write the better sentence, but the meaning still the same.

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I'll have a go and rewrite a bit of that. The English language part is a bit arguable IMO because of language barriers across countries in this region.



  • This game encourages you to cooperate and communicate with your team for a good chance of winning matches and the best gameplay experience.
  • Poor cooperation/communication or lackthereof could lead to a higher chance of losing a match and a less satisfactory gameplay experience.
  • Lack of awareness and carelessness will likely negatively affect your team's situation and chances of winning.
  • Use the in-battle chat system to coordinate and devise tactical decisions, it should not be used to send irrelevant and demeaning messages to other 
  • Participating in our official forums http://forum.worldofwarships.asia/ could help you quickly learn the gameplay styles and roles of ship types from more experienced players in our friendly community.
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These days everyone can speak English as all schools teach it. If not it means your from the older generation who never learnt it in school but grandparents aren't the target demographic anyway.

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