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Squadron Mode - Full 12 player's Division

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Many MMO games, people using Team Speak or similar programs to coordinate gaming. This game hindered you to do that.

So leave the current division system as it is, why not make a new mode where you can have real team battle of full selection member ?

The mode would be quiet traffic from time to time, but it's offer players that want to play this game in real coordinate & competitive opponent. Also this games will make Gamer-Clans will interest in this game.


The rule as simple, people who want to join this game should join a SQUADRON.

Division = up to 3 players

Squadron = Full 12 players

And to be able to start matchmaking, the SQUADRON must fully-filled before the Start button can be activated.

Squadron Mode will only be matched with other Squadron, so it won't mixed with Ranked or Random matches.


I'm against this game had Voice Chat as it will be abuse by angry birds out there. :red_button:

But having full 12 constant members, we can play this game in real full awesomeness experience. Tactical awareness and coordinate battle can be achieve by this mode, also support by TeamSpeak ... :great:

Please, create the Squadron idea.


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Remind me of scrapped Tank Company battles.

No worries, clan-based battle will come when they implement the clan feature on this game.

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Only amendment I would add is 0ne or two spots should be reserved for new players

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