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Major Desync/Bug - Ships Not Showing

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Issue:   I cannot see a ship that is only 2 clicks away from me.

Screenshots:  This might sound weird,but every single screenshots I took in that session was gone, it is not saved in the screenshot folder.
Ship:  Isokaze
Map:  Fault Line
OccurrencesSo far only once
Tested: Unable to reproduce error
Severity: Severe, unable to continue the match properly
Details:  There was a Diana that is only 2~3 km away from me,but when I was playing, I CANNOT see him at all.My minimap shows that the ship is at that location but I am unsure if there's something wrong with my minimap,so I didn't fire my torpedoes immediately. My friend even called me cruel because he thought I was teasing him by getting really close to him but not killing him. But then I saw his secondary shells come flying at my direction, so I guessed his location and fire the torpedoes blindly. The problem continues for the rest of the match. Though I am unable to get any screenshot proof for this bug, I have the replay for that match. The problem starts at about 3~4 minutes into game. In the replay, I am able to see the ship's location but when I was playing at that time, I can't.  (Replay file in spoiler)






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this happen to me 2 days away COOP battle

the ship i used is clemson in faultline

then 3 destroyers laying some weed close in the center

i can't see the enemy but they can see me!      how did that happen?

Can't see Ship Captain!  when i took 30 seconds to cease fire so i cant be seen still does and it also happen even there's no smoke!

i think the game loading has errors

I did not saw the enemy coming towards me and we rammed each other          Well that sucks


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Youve got it easy. My client is desyncing at exactly 3:55 EVERY MATCH!


Autodrop on a CV works to keep playing ok. (AI objects seem unaffected by the issue)

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