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Is Match Making use [PERSONAL SUMMARY] to draw team placement ?

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First, I'm pretty sure I'm a good player, but definitely not a hero or genius though. I follow team movement, assisting caps or provide necessary cover from them, also blocking enemy horde when my team decide to go to one side ... and definitely not a bluelines abuser nor camper shooter from the edge of artillery max range.

Because I'm considering myself a good player, I have a suspicion that I always being placed and teamed with low Summary-Rate's players. Due note, not just only me. From 12 players a team, maybe 4~6 good players and the rest are the lower skill players.


My suspicion theory is, Matchmaking placing good ratio players with low ratio players equally, with intention, Skill equality to each team.

The base of theory was on 2 reason.

1. When I'm playing BB & CA, it's a 60% win chance.

2. When I'm playing DD (that I have no idea how to play it correctly) or CV (Bogue's 201, Air Superiority) ... it's down to 10% win chance and those matches will end badly.

  • Reason no. 2, because I'm considered good players, but my Ship and play quality impact won't do much influence to the battle situation, high chance it will be a lose matches.


Is this suspicion sound reasonable to you ?

In other MMO games I play, there are some games that using players skill base and match numbers played as it ground calculation to draw players on each side for skill equality, in hope a better play experience for low skilled players.

The problem of this theory is ... if the good players had a bad day or like I mention above, using a ship that he/she not excel with, or less impact ... the team would certainly going down.


Some of you would question my suspicion ... but I don't think Matchmaking are pure base on random draw.


Correcting about my self statement that I'm a good players, maybe I'm the low skilled player that team up with good player that in his/her bad day. It's up to you how measure my Personal Summary.

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Random......no, definately not.


I personally believe it is directly based on the results of your previous match.


How many times have your had an absolute ripper of a match, only to be bottom tier in your next one?

How often have you been totally wrecked, to find the MM gods decide to play in your favour next time out?


See it far too often for it to be a random thing.




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You're actually quite close to the truth.

Wargaming has been using a program called "Forseti" ever since World of Tanks came out of beta.


What Forseti does?

Well, it basically records your in-game behaviour and stores the data until you reach a certain number of battles.

Once you've reached that point Forseti starts it's second phase and will continue to match you with players that have a similiar mindset.


It's really quite a horrible function, but of course WG would utilise it.

Rumor also has it that buying premium time resets the timer for Forseti, so whenever you buy premium time you get better battles.

Note though that it only resets the moment you buy premium time, it doesn't keep it at zero for however long you run it.


Hence I suggest buying short premium packages instead of the long ones even if you can afford them.

Sure, they have a better price, but even if you buy a 1 year long subscription it won't reset Forseti.


Anyway, this post will most likely be deleted soon, but never forget Forseti!


 Never forget!




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the picture on the spoiler doesnt show somehow o.O


Shows up for me, you at work/school with blocked imgur?

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You have it all wrong. MM does not place you by skill.


MM  teams you up by forum posts.. :trollface:

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