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Improving torpedo warning

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I attached a picture here, the short arrows represents DD. Dashed lines is the torpedo direction launched by the one that going south west.

It was mine. The DD at the North East is friendly unit.

I always extra careful when launching torpedoes regarding to team safety.

When I launched my torpedo, i thought that the coast is clear.

Soon after my fish hitting water surface, she make a U turn. I pinged the player...he still going to that direction, and bam....

I'm not trying to blame that DD player nor do apologize for what i'm doing.


I checked direction of every friendly ships at nearby area before launching torpedoes, but for this, is beyond my prediction.

 I used Fubuki, the ship torpedo, while having 15km, is quite slow for its tier, to the point that if someone with fast ship making U turn like this, he or she will find him/ herself trouble. I also giving out ping to point that my torpedo is going to the pinged direction. Then, i said, if that's my torpedo or such like. This process is quite time consuming for my slow typing speed. At my story above, I had no time to finish my sentence before collision, just yet pinged.


I don't want to blame that player too, he might not aware, tired, or tunnel visioned....or for whatever the reason which i don't want to speculate.


1. So, my suggestion is to make a friendly-torpedo line at water, just like that torpedo white line pointer that can only be seen by friendly forces.

This way, friendly force can notice the torpedo direction from far away. Before it going too close and startle him.

Our alarm only works for nearby torpedoes, and it should work like that. I don't want to be alarmed because friendly Shimakaze launching her salvo from far away just because the friendly alarm working map wide, we will in the World of Beeps.

The line is just a thin line, doesn't need to be as wide as the torpedo goes like the white pointer.


2. Make the torpedo alarm volume adjustable. The current torpedo alarm volume is too loud, i often to be overwhelmed by the beeping sound.

And i don't want to reduce the special effects volume too. The sound of shells flying, planes, splashes, and shell hit sound are precious, as my auditory sense is greater than my vision. And torpedo alarm just ruin it.


Just want to confirm, can we hear another ship engine sound ? I think i just hear mine.

coast is not clear.png

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