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Ermm, about Fighter damage calculation,need help

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well yeah,, i just started playing CV for some obvious reason,, and to be honest,, it much more fun,, you can manage your division at the same time you strike your enemies with TB,, but,, i had a question,, how my fighter get beaten by stock Zuiho,, while me myself using the upgraded one (i upgraded my Fighter 1st because those Bouge just bugging me off),, my commander skill is totally for the CV one (Expert Rear Gunner,, Torpedo Armament Expertise and Dog Fight Expert) and i'm using Air Groups Modification 1 too for maximum escort,, that should give 20% fighter buff,, but,, it's just me or RNG just trolling me like Tanaka did with his buggy PT Imp Pack,, no AAA Support and nothing in vicinity,, those bugger just beat my A4N Fighter,, i never know that A2N was the strongest IJN Fighter in tier 5 :unsure:

well those who can help me,, please answer my question,, is it really de-buff or mis-translation on Commander skill or Module that handicapped my Fighter,, it's just,, weird :(

FYI those were freshly taken off fighter

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stock FP should be the same as the previous carrier's top plane so no changes on calculations is needed.


Although some factors remain like who engaged first (yeah that kind of counts. I might not explain it clearly here but you might understand someday) or is the other carrier have a CO with DFE and aircraft servicing perk 

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