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Server crash near the end of battle

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Issue: Server crashed during battle and I was booted to login, I received exp but the report is broken




Ship: South Carolina
Map: Big Race
Occurrences: once
Tested: no clear conditions, can't reproduce
Severity: Session terminated, booted to login, the battle was resolved and rewards granted though 
Details: The server first produced a severe lag during which everyone's position was freezed for a few seconds, and went back to normal after that. After about ~30s or ~1min (I fired a salvo after the 1st glitch ended and was seconds away from firing another when this bug hits, don't remember if I fired another salvo inbetween.), the same "lag" appeared again and I was eventually booted to login screen. After relogging in, I received a normal log in the port screen with reward collected judging from ship exp, but the log's content is totally empty, string replaced with "null" and data simply disappeared.

The last enemy ship was a AI Kawachi burning at 2000~3000 hp if that matters, I'd assume it had burnt down during the "lag" and before the crash so that I received my rewards.

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