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Your guide to Ranked Battles!

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Hello all!, today im going to post a guide to ranked battles. Now as you all may know ranked battles is like some sort of Gamemode where you progress up a level via gaining stars when you win, and you loose stars when you get a draw or a loose. In a 7 vs 7 match, which will test your skills and teamwork to the best.



now I am going to split the guide in several part as follows:


1. Ranked Format & basic how to

2. Ship class roles & tactics

3. Conclusion



Part 1. Rank Format and Basic how to


To access ranked battle you simply click on the game mode selector on the top right side next to the battle button , select rank ( the one with a red circle with a star in the center) and you're good to go.


Rank battles will require you to have at least a tier 5 up to a tier 6 ship , for rank 16 to rank 11   the ships used are tier 5-6 ships. While ranks 10 to 1   will require you to use tier 7-8 ships .  Like I mentioned earlier , as you win a ranked battle you get one star and you loose a star for a defeat or a draw. Each time you ranked up , one star will be added to the next rank instantly ( ex: you pass ranked 15, thus one star will be added to rank 14).


 The number of stars you need to collect to progress up a rank depends on either if you're in rank 18-11 ,10-2,and rank 1 , ranks 18-11 require you to collect 2 stars while ranks 10-2  will require you to collect 4 stars and if you're in rank one there is only one star ( so if you're rank one and you loose , its back to rank two).


Think of it like the Football leagues where there is a system of relegation and promotion, you win and collect enough stars you move up the table and get promoted to the next rank while if you loose stars you eventually will get demoted to the previous rank. As simple as that.


Now nearly every time you rank up, you get rewards which is mostly signal flags or camouflage. Which is beneficial in helping out your grind or to strengthen your ship  , and in some higher ranks credits. To check the reward in each rank , simply go to your profile ingame and select ranks. There you simply click the box with the WoWs icon in it to check the rewards if you reach that certain rank ( note: some ranks might note have rewards as I mentioned earlier)


Part 2: Ship class roles 


Now some of you may know the Individual ship class roles already, but lets quickly review it again 


Battleships/BB :  Your role is that you are the spearhead of your team, use your massive health pool to soak up damage ( and recover them using the health recovery consumable) and your big caliber guns to dealt massive damage to other BB's CA/CL's and CV ( DD is possible but remember that slow reload time and dispersion) , also use your long range to progressively "snipe" enemy's from afar as you push forward with your team to try and get as much damage as possible so when you're in mid-close range the enemy might have slightly to even very lower HP pool than you or your teammates.  


Cruisers / CA&CL ( Heavy and light cruisers ) : You're role is also like a BB, a spearhead of the team though much more flexible. Use your fast reloading and more accurate guns to engage other cruisers, give supporting fire to BB's and protect BB's from destroyers. You have fast speeds and good maneuverability so you can keep up with the rest of the fleet and disengage if needed (ex: to engage DD's that are trying to harass you or your teammates ),  also you have that defensive AA module so you can (depending on the ship) stir up the skies to prevent enemy bombers from approaching. And for ships that have torpedoes you can use them for ambushing enemies when in range. 


Destroyers/ DD : You're role varies, you can be a spearhead of the team, scout & get those cap points early or as an ambusher. Use your fast speeds, low detectability (for some ships) and hard hitting torpedoes or insanely fast RoF guns ( for some ships) to harass the enemy and also ambush unsuspecting  enemies. Also you are very maneuverable , so use that to your advantage.


Carrier/CV &CVL ( fleet and light carriers ) : Your role is to protect your teammates from enemy bombers and retrain air superiority  , harass and deal damage to enemy ships via your torpedo or dive bombers and do some scouting using your planes. 


[Remember for all ship classes always maneuver when needed and keep your ship angled to the enemy to reduce shell damage]


Now since Ranked Battles are 7 vs 7, and winning or loosing is much more important than in Random Pub games. Always keep a high level of teamwork , so you and your teammates can push effectively up the front. NEVER play passive and just stay near the spawn point, OR snipe enemies from affair (especially BB's. cmon you got that big HP pool and big caliber guns + you have teammates that can protect you so please don't camp and move along with your team. And cruisers too especially ones range boosted by AFT , don't stay back your teammates need you to help them push and need your support in defending your teammates)    and not really moving from one place (aka, staying still or not going with the team in the push ) . As that will not benefit your team when your team is  actively pushing , since you're far away back to reliably help your team. Sure you conserve HP but , your team will lack the support that you can give to them. 


ALWAYS stick together with your team, this is important ! as you can help your team when needed. Push and work together as a team, its a 7 vs 7 so teamwork is really a VERY big key in winning a Ranked Battle match! Without teamwork, you and your team can be easily defeated by the enemy. ESPECIALLY if the enemy team has good teamwork , if your team has good teamwork too your team can survive much longer and can possibly win the match too!


Part 3. Conclusion 


Ranked battles is a good game mode that offers good rewards and more levels of teamwork (though it depends, but its important) than in Random battles , the better your skills and your teamwork ( as a player and the whole team) the more possibility that you reach a higher rank and get more rewards. That is all from me, I hope you guys enjoy the guide and see you on the high seas! and also if you have any thing to add to the guide or anything else to say just leave it down in the comments bellow!



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What ships are best for ranked battles at tier 8? So far I only have the New Orleans

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What ships are best for ranked battles at tier 8? So far I only have the New Orleans


i guess Chapayev

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What ships are best for ranked battles at tier 8? So far I only have the New Orleans


For DD, I think Benson or Lo Yang

BB is either North Carolina or Bismarck

For CA, Atago, Chapayev, Hipper/Prinz, or Kutuzov

CV simply Shoukaku

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