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best times for high tier battles

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where i can play in ocean and north and NOT FAULT LINE

with just high tier ships.

it will be costly i know and i can't do it all the time

[they have designed the game that way]


but i just got my izumo and i've never even gotten into a match yet.

is it going to be a problem in the long term?

am i wasting my time?

to be honest i've been playing some annoying maps for a long time 

with the hope that i can escape it but if there's no escape i'm not sure how long i can bare it.


i have played a lot of high tier matches in my amagi on Friday and Saturday nights,


but does anyone know if there is a time of the week 

when the pro asian players play??

whenever i get in a game with them it's awesome. no chat, big guns, big maps.it's the way i want to play.

i got in a game once with 3 yamatos and 2 montanas.

it was scary but i loved it.


is there like a night when all the divs play??


any help would be appreciated

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oh if you want to match ocean ,you can play rank battle ,about 50%,though only for t5-8,better than nothing right ?btw ,as a ca player ,I think ocean is unfriendly .However ,dd love it ,and then bb

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i play in amagi and i just keep getting fault line and north.

i would love to see ocean every game. 


and yes ocean would be unfriendly for cc's and dd's.

but i'm one of those bb's that ignores all other classes.

i hunt bb's and i see that as my job.

if a cc nags me with fire for long enough i'll sink it

but i see it as a distraction from my job basically




god i  love that map

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6pm to midnight, server time (GMT +8). Lots of players on around this time.

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