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[Skins] Secondary Armament skin not showing up

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Sorry in advance that the question might be stupid, I'm a newcomer to this field.

Yesterday I decided that I'll try make a skin of my own, and I started with Zao.

Most of it was fine, the hull, the superstructure, the crane, the main guns' custom skins all showed up properly.

The problem is, the 100mm/65 Type98 skin I made didn't show up. (Black turret, red barrel)

(I meant to paint the outside red, but i made a mistake and instead the inside is red)

At first I thought that maybe I was wrong about the type, but I checked, and the Type 98 should be the secondary gun should be the one I'm looking for.

Still, I dug out the only other 100mm secondary gun, the 100mm/65 Type89 and made a skin for it, and it didn't show up too.

(Of course not, that's not the gun of the Zao.)


What I'm confused is, I placed the Type98 with all the other secondary guns of the mod I installed, and the only one that didn't show up was the Type98.

Like the 127mm/40 Type89 for the Mogami showed up.


What makes it even more confusing was that I knew the Hakuryu was also equipped with the same gun, and............seems like the skin I made showed up on the Hakuryu. Not Zao. WTF?


Thanks for anyone kind enough to read through all of this:3

WorldOfWarships 2015-11-20 04-42-14-616.jpg

bandicam 2015-11-20 04-43-49-437.jpg

WorldOfWarships 2015-11-20 05-00-48-319.jpg

WorldOfWarships 2015-11-20 05-01-16-584.jpg

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