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Cruiser Challenger Start 40 fires... not working.. sort of..

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Ok, so I've really been enthralled with new mission/events/challenges completely revamped system.  It encourages me to play more...


But I only get progress towards using my T6 Cleveland, but not the T4 Karlsruhe.


Issue:   Started fires not going towards target.

Screenshots: Not sure, how best to illustrate.
Ship: T4 Karlsruhe
Map: ALL
Occurrences:  How often does this occur? I havent got any other cruiser other than the T4 & T6.  So it works fine with T6 but not T4 Every time you play? Yes Only Once? NO
Tested: Could you reproduce the error? Consistently.
Severity: How much impact does this have on your game play?  Not much . Is it an annoyance? YES Does it stop you playing? Generally just pisses me off.
Details:  Pretty much covered.




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