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Meanwhile... EU Server




And on our "worser" ASIA Server....






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Blyskawica time limited package - Standard


Offer expires in 13 d.

167.42 HKD (21.60 USD)

By purchasing this package you will receive the following:

  • Blyskawica;

  • Port Slot;

  • x10 Engine Boost II - bonus;

  • x10 Damage Control party II - bonus;

  • x15 Smoke Generator II - bonus.

Introducing the Special Time Limited Package! Grab'em while its hot! Includes Tier VII Polish Premium Destroyer "Blyskawica", a Port Slot and Consumable Sets.


Isn't this a good offer...!?!? Just the ship, slot, and a few consumables almost free, I'll definitely get this...!!!:D

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Wonder where’s the in-game bonus? That should be the next target to improve on.


It is nice to see finally something’s Actually good here (After 3 years, lol – but hey it’s finally improving to say the least), but this still does not eliminate our “Second Class” tag.


It is still us paying real money, although it is indeed a pretty good deal.

Well done whoever manage to get such a bargain. Here, have a biscuit.


If the 3x, discounts and “Festival Special” *Ahem*Hallow*Ahem*ween*Ahem* start coming to all of the servers, that's is the day Asia is no longer the Second class server and we can proudly say this is not a worse server than any other servers.





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I like the Asian server. It has better pricing in general. I actually like playing the US server cause the players are pretty friendly and speak in English. There is no denying it though but the Germans do make better sausages...

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Apparently the Halloween event broke MM even more...

So we've got that going for us. Which is nice.


So apparently because there are issues with the events = Good enough reason for us not having it?


Other servers "Have it" and "are able to complain about some issues".

We don't even have a chance to complain about it. Thats the difference.


They are complaining about issues of the event, which at least means they have something to start off with.

Us? Well, please do enjoy the youtube videos of people getting some free flags.


Instead we got the weekly 2x.

Don't get me wrong, I know I am supposed to be "Grateful" for events and special, but don't you think thats.... a bit underwhelming for a "Compensation"?


You said, "We have the PAX special mission (Which is going to be awesome as we don't have the Halloween event)!"

Oh look, whats this?


Thank god we at least are on par with NA with this one.


And, Inb4 people said I should learn to appreaciate, I did.

to see finally something’s Actually good here (After 3 years, lol – but hey it’s finally improving to say the least), but this still does not eliminate our “Second Class” tag.


It is still us paying real money, although it is indeed a pretty good deal.

Well done whoever manage to get such a bargain. Here, have a biscuit.


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I think you're greatly underestimating just how adversely the events affected the other servers. That's about all I'll say about it, since I'm pretty much going to regurgitate what has already been written on the forums.


In any case, you are slapping WG for not implementing it, but if they did, you'd slap them for...implementing it? Besides, Halloween was 17 days ago. Get over it.


Your edit, and posts so far, indicate Steeltrap levels of cynicism and un-reason; such hate over nothing. So...what? Were you expecting sympathy? Wargaming Asia, in an effort to avoid a negative reaction from the community by declining the chance to host the Halloween event on their World of Warships server, when most of us do not follow Halloween anyway, get criticised by you for not hosting it, and yet, when they did follow through with it on World of Tanks, they were slapped on the WoT forums for hosting specials about an event that is not celebrated in Asia.


It's a Catch-22 (I've said this numerous times before). Screwed if they implemented it, screwed if they didn't.


And then there's the numerous rants aimed at Wargaming, which we have to suffer through, although some of us are sadists such that we actually enjoy the flapping of fins and puffing of gills. Your most recent post is a perfect example of cynical morons who have very few positive things to say about Wargaming, who, mind you, are STILL playing this game anyway, and yet are disillusioned through some other aspect of their lives that is seeping into this game by spreading negativity over the general public. When you do say it, it's never straightforward. Oh, we did get X, but we're still owed that free sampan from 30 years ago by Wargaming. Wargaming sucks.


At some point, when I see your name next to a post, I often think about what you're going to say next, and I get it right most of the time; it is simply the exact same things that have been brought up before.

















Relax, take a step back.



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I don't have much to response, the respected Haku.

However, I do feel like I should stop posting for a while. 

I do need a rest with this game, and may be you're right, maybe when I return, things may change.

If you lot feels like I am no longer able to provide the feedback, or construtive criticism that this game needs, I can, and I will stop.


But for One last time, allow me to re-post these two replies to similar topic.

Slightly irrelevant, but still expressed pretty much what I concern from the start till now.


 (This is a very very old private chat with DMW)


What you write is indeed correct, but my primary concern is not on World of Warship itself - it's WG. Thats why I stop spending in World of Tanks and Very quickly in Warships after I got the Sims. And thats why it amuse me how people can open their wallet so easily just by a Bismarck - Causing the things below that I am deeply concerned about.


WG's attitude to their customers worsened every single day - Yet they seems that the problem comes from us.

They had been doing a great job until the end of 2013. Pretty much Spot on building a Non-P2W F2P game.

I still remember I was still a noob when I first see the tank "T110E5" in T30 Switch when I still play in NA. Probably will never see anything like that again.


Unfortunately the success seems to cause some kind of chaos internally, and it was pretty obvious the Devs are nowhere near as "Close" to people as before.

What do I mean? Influx of Premium tanks, Increasingly Meh Welfare, the lack of attention to Solo people like myself, the push on Clan Wars and Competitive plays, etc.


For Premiums, How many new Premium (Or Rare premium that is put up for sale repeatedly saying it's "Promo") we have ~2014-2015? I'll name a few:

BT-SV, KV-220, SU-85I, Rudy, T-54 Mod 1, Fury, Type 64, 112, T-34-3, WZ-111, Excelsior, Cromwell B, Pz-2J. Panther 88, E25, AMX 57F, AMX CDC, All Japanese Premium, and the upcoming Kanonenjagdpanzer, Turan 3, and Yet Another German TD if I remember correctly.

Indeed these are not P2W, Yet it doesn't help when everyday the news is "Hey we implement another Premium, Come get it!"

There are so much branch they can do first instead of throwing Premium tank at you everyday - A Whole EU branch that includes at least 5 or more countries, Israel, Chinese TD/SPG, A Brand new German, US Branch, etc. Nope, "When it's done it's done", for like years now.

Look at Warships, Why Russian goes first? Because $$$ as RU is thier main market.


I understand SEA is not a Big server and the welfare is not as good accordingly, but would it help to grow it either?

I'll not use tanks as example at first - just look at the 3 "Special" so far in Warship. I mean.... What is this? Any discount? Even a 10% discount? No? Seriously? And more worryingly it's also the same in EU as well.

I see many STs and Moderators use "Anniversary is coming wait pls" - Yeah then why not just cancel the so-called special together if it really is THAT worth to wait? At least there’s universally none now.

Look at the ____ we get in SEA as well. I mean, just look at the “Discount” we get in tanks. It’s basically repeating every other week. When the other server gets 5x like 2 or 3 months, we get them like twice a year. Oh look EU/NA had Crew Experience mission – Well screw you SEA we’ve got nothing. Stuff here are just plainly Terrible.

WoWp failed so miserably that it doesn’t even had a SEA server.


The Solo vs Clan/CW/Competitive play thing is also something I am extremely worried about. The T95E2, for example could Easily be another Branch for US line – Nope F you we will make it a CW reward! Indeed the people play CW spends a lot of time in it, and they worth their reward, but does everyone had the time and pleasure to had time for CW? I was a DPX member before but I just do not have time for CW as you know, I am still in University. Even more so is the devs think that why we are complaining is because “We do not have it” – NO. Mission like the FV201(A45) can be grinded or Personal Mission as well (Obj260, for example) – But Can I Ever get my hands on a IS-5? T23E3? T95E2? Obj 907? No. Never.


Don’t get me wrong – I still had hope for WG and they made this fantastic World of Warship game. Yet there are so much problem right now personally I don’t even think it qualifies for OBT. It should have more time in Weekend test to test out different mechanics (Say a Build With very weak CV or a Build with Super Strong CVs) if I am very honest. Carriers, HE, Fire, AA, Game modes are all not solved and is affecting the gameplay quality despite the Core concept is pretty well polished.


View PostAlvin1020, on 14 November 2015 - 01:06 PM, said:

When you love a game enough, you actually hates many things in the game more.



Because you care about the game. You want it to be better thus being even harsher than you would on other games.


You may say this is a Free to Play game - Why so demanding?

And I'd argue - Why NOT be demanding?

Many still pay for the game (In fact way more than your typical $60 in many cases) - and why can't I say things the game can improve on?


Does F2P game supposed to be worse than a normal game?

Does F2P game doing Pure Cash-grab is okay when it will get battered if it is a $60 game?

Does F2P game having astonishing balancing is okay because simply you're F2P?


In fact, many points make the post there is actually valid.

Why does the game "Release" when the game isn't ready, for example?


Lets define a "Released" game. I personally expect it to have decent amount of contents, Good balance (although I can tolerate some issues) and a Polished game.

Lets look at WoWs.



We have 2 nations, and pretty much 3 game modes.

I'll be honest, this is pretty shocking. If you release the game, I would expect at least 3 nation with proper lines.

The game has something like 2+0.25+0.25 line right now. Really? This is an "RELEASED" game?

It is even more shocking when you see Premium ships comes every other week - Yet the Proper lines comes every 2 months.

If I can't even evaluate the game without playing a variety of ships, I do not think people are going to spend Long term money here after all the hype around the legendary Premium ships.


Balance. This game is pretty much, IMO, Alpha stage balancing in many games.

The classes still haven't been given a clear role.

Many classes are confusing to play to say the least. Say Destroyers.

Are they damage dealers with the torpedoes?

Are they DD hunters?

Are they silent hunters with the stealth?

Are they brawlers that is fast and maneuverable?

Are they Team player that should cap?

Are they Supporting ship that focus on sitting at the back shooting their PewPew gun?

What is the role of it? Can you tell me?


In World of Tanks, every class had a role. Sure there are some variations, but most of the classes had their own distinct advantage and roles to play.

LT are fast and nimble - make them great scouts and good damage dealers if flanking is possible.

MT are the balanced class. They excels at nothing but decent in many things. Great in packs.

HT are the Tanking one. Great at brawling and some have okay mobility.

TDs are the one who deal the major damage. Good armor and Great guns.

Arty are the one who provide overlook and potentially do good damage.

None of this exist in WoWs. Many classes are confusing in terms of their role.. 


Rewards. Why the hell I should be a teamplayer when doing damage gives you real bonuses?

Where's spotting damage? Where's the reward for Air Superiority? Where's the reward for ships risking their life for capping? Where's the reward to escorting Battleships and Carriers?

The Devs always said they empathize "A Team" in this game - Yet, the rewards for it is absolutely terrific. If there is no incentive, People won't do it.


Polishing. This is at least acceptable although still underwhelming.

De-sync. I personally is not as bad as many Aussies, but isn't all the better either.

Every 3 or 4 games I have to re-boot the game or else the control will go completely nuts. I personally find this pretty annoying, thankfully I can still tolerate it, for now.


Loading time. It is absolutely a joke. There is no doubt this game is beautiful - but why the heck even I turn everything down to low, I would still be loading in after 30 seconds the Battle started?

In THAT other game, I was on High on everything, and I can maintain a Constant 60 FPS or more. Loading time is always under 20 seconds. And I can assure you that game is even more stunning in terms of graphics.

This not only is annoying, if it's a domination, it makes me lose the initial speed advantage, especially in a DD. Yet I still had not seen any major improvement since CBT.


There are many intelligent people inside and around WG, but the problem is there is only so much they can do.

Take Asia server as an example.

I appreciate some of the Asia staff try to get us better welfare and lower price on Premium Bundles *Ahem*Tir *Ahem* Pitz* Ahem*, but thats also pretty much it.

Is Asia still a 2nd class server? Yes.

Is Asia still had the arguably the most "Underwhelming" playerbase? Yes. Although the community is way better than any other server.

Is Asia still getting the worse stuff? Yes.


I don't see that post being a "Fear" campaign as you described, but simply some honest opinion from a player who probably also like OP, loved the game but dissatisfied with the current state of the game as well as WG itself.

My primary concern is how WG treat their game. I understand WG is a company and the devs need $$$ to earn a living and get more vodkas, but that explicitly especially since Mid-late 2014? I don't like it.

WG had no doubt become more and more distant from the players since their explosion in playerbase in ~2011-2012. The Influx of premiums, bizarre decisions (Arty "Rebalance", Emblem bonus, or to release the game so early when the game is clearly not ready) all worries me that WG don't really care about the game anymore, but just treat their game as a money-maker.


I am not criticizing people defending WG, no. I have a lot of respect to many cynical voice around here.

However, even after all the discussion, I still stand by my viewpoint.

I liked this game just like many others do here. But we approach it differently, or rather see things differently. And I understand that.

We all just want the game better, don't we?


Time will tell.

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Came to post more EU Superior Hurr Durr videos, made the mistake to read other posts.


Oh well~




Europe superior, cause even the country that's one tank length large has awesome music :P


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nah mate - hate to say it but the kiwi's do their cows better




Everytime my In-laws get HomeKill Steak



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