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WG needs to reconsider its BETA strategy

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Before we start, I would like to remind WG that the game we are playing, "world of warships", has a beta version called PT.  


With that been said, why couldn't WG simply dump the staff that they want to change in it!?


None of the trillions of bugs that currently takes place in the game happened In the PT, and a lot of things was tested in the PT didn't even show up in the real game.


The later is easier to understand as some changes might not be positive, but it really doesn't make sense as WG simply give players tons of bugs with a in-ur-face style that wasn't in the PT, that made the entire 051 like a car crash.


Look at all these weird things that is going on in the game, no smoke on top of ships, the notaries and fixed no-citadel for battleships, the strange 100% addition on planes with lower speed and the inconsistent torpedo lines. NONE OF THESE BREAKING BADS WERE SUPPOSE TO HAPPEN!!! WG should have tested the changes that it updated to these attributes in the PT long ago


If WG doesn't plan to test the things that it want to change in game with a testing environment, why having a testing version of the game in the first place?


BTW, why is wargaming spending so much time on simple bug fixes? It took them an entire week just to fix citadel hits for battleships, while other important glitches are still left hanging


Excuse for my language but I couldn't think of a better way to describe this: WG is dumping bugs on us like it is having trouble with diarrhea, while its speed in fixing bugs is as if that it suffers from constipation

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