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AP Issues with 0.5.1

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Hello captains!


We’re glad to tell you that the problem of AP damage model we discussed before has been solved. The fix is included in patch.

What actually happened to the game is that along with internal ricochet fix a new bug appeared. As a result, underwater shell ballistics was completely broken in 0.5.1. Let’s see how it worked before and actually should work after the patch:



  1. AP shell hits the water near the ship;

  2. It arms immediately;
  3. Underwater it slows down and starts to “dive” towards the ship;
  4. If it’s penetration power is good enough, it goes into the hull and detonates inside.


This scenario was quite common and it had particularly strong impact on battleships gameplay. It helped them greatly in damaging such modestly armored targets as cruisers and not to worry about over-penetration.


As we learned after two days of testing, the absence of this scenario in 0.5.1 was the main reason behind your negative experience with the update. We expect the fixed damage model to be almost identical to what you are used to.


We sincerely thank you for your patience and understanding. You stayed with us and let us make this right so it’s our combined achievement. Good luck and Action Stations!



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