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Battle Starts but Ship only can move guns not control anything else

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Apologies if this already covered in the forums however I did a search and couldn't find anything. 


Issue:   Game loads as normal. Enter into a battle and ping is good battle on sounds. However ship will up throttle but doenst move. The guns are able to be moved however. Also your chat doesn't show up in the team. 

Screenshots: sorry didn't take screens as it doesn't really show the issue. 
Ship:  Various. I had this issue a couple of times when I started WOWS however had not seen it for a while. However after this last patch have had it happen three times all in different ships. 
Map: Various. 
Occurrences:   I have had it happen three drops out of four matches today. 
Tested: Yes. 
Severity: Well one game out of four makes it pretty well unplayable. 
Details:  The issue description above covers it. Ship will move the throttle cursor however wont move. The guns will rotate. Map view will not come up. Team chat will write but not post the message. 


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