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Good question...I too did ask the same question when I started to play and the veterans says that it will be depnding on your play style...money is not unlimited to me and personally I would like to optimize the usage based on my needs...and after playing the game I do what most suitable for my gameplay.


I personally would prefer to spend money on buying doubloons. Based on my own usage I normally buy either the 6500 (I first bought this), 4800 or 3000 pack because thats where the cash per doubloon kinda stabilzed, the smaller packs is a bit expensive per doubloon and the bigger packs does gave very little difference more than the mid amount packs.


These doubloons I normally spent for:

1) Premium Account ( 30 days) at 2500 doubloons per months, so buying 6500 will last me 2 months on Prem and has 1500 extras for other spending. Premium account is a must for me for the credits benefit, and providing I have the time...if I think I might be busy on certain month then I might pass on without prem for that particular month. So buying the prems using doubloons gives me the freedom when I want to buy my premium account time. but I do check for any discount on the premium shop on accounts, none I see so far that beats my current habit.

2) To buy port slot, this comes in handy as I play so that I can keep the ships I like and will be using to grind credits and to train my capts namely Tier 3-5, and also to fulfill my dream to collect BBs until Tier X BBs.

3) To buy new captains when I first started, its just 25 doubloons and you get 3 lvl of skills which gives you advantage than any ship at your tier esp at lower tier, these captains later I will use to transfer to new ships as my fleet grow


For Premium ships...I only buy those that has value for my money only if I can afford them, that I can excel in and if I like it, and if they have good offer. Only bought Murmansk and Imperator Nikolai, and having 2 prem ship of the same nation is fun since I can interchangeably transfer the captains on them so I can grind exp. Though I dream of buying those tier VIII prem ships, but those are definitely outta my budget.


For captain retraining I normally use the 200K creds 50% exp retraining and having the lower tier as a training ground for my higher tier cap saves me some trouble, so I can decide which capt is the one that need to be transferred, and at which level that I want to transfer him...if a capt is nearing the next level and he will benefited from the level gain, then I will let him level up before moving him, if hes not, then I would transfer him, so I can benefit from the retraining which will be done at a level lower.. But in future I do might consider of using the doubloons to perhaps Tier X capts or for higher tier CV capts...just cant bear the retraining and not having the skills readily lol.




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