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battleship shell problem?

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couple of minutes ago, i was sailing with my Omaha at new dawn map. my omaha was down to 68 hp. a battleship myougi manage to hit me but it did 0 damage and only manage to knock my engine, at first i though i was only luck but then it happens again and again and again,  it happens 4 times.

1st hit 0 damage only knock my engine

2nd hit 0 damage knock my engine again

3rd hit knock my rudder

4rth hit i though i was gonner but it only damage my gun.

i was laughing and feel sorry about the poor myougi player because he failed to killed me 4 times.


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Over penetration shots still do damage unless you reached the saturation point of that section (See below), so there is only 1 of 2 possible reasons why you took 0dmg.


1) That section of your ship already has its HP reduced to 0 (max dmg saturation), this means all other damage to that sector will result in 0 dmg.



2) He was using HE shells and it exploded (near miss), these types of hit does no damage but can knock out modules. (You can try this in a destroyer getting near miss by dive bombers, same result)


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