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Challenges reward stack or not?

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So I played in my Murmansk for the first time of the day and I was going to set fire on some ships...we won the game and I completed the challenge "Burning War; Set fire to 5 different ships in one battle"...but at the exp received page...my win multiplier is x1.6. First victory should be x1.5 and Im not sure how the challenge reward is awarded (it says extra x1.1 exp reward)...I was under the impression it should be x2.6 or there was never such a thing in the first place.


My base exp is 2186 x 1.6 = 3498


Any idea how they come to this amount?







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First win gets you an extra 50% (1.5x multiplier), the challenge gets you 10% (1.1x).  That's 60% in total, hence a 1.6x multiplier.


You could argue that the multiplier should be 1.65x (1.5 * 1.1) but that would be it.

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