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Japanese cruiser Katori

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So after a few days of testing, I noticed something peculiar about the Katori's appearance. Did some research on it and it turns out the cruiser actually had two twin torpedo tubes and an aircraft catapult. I assume these features were removed for balance reasons, but if you look at the in-game model the spots where they were fitted can be seen. I'm guessing the Katori at tier 1 is only temporary, and it may yet be rebalanced if a suitable replacement is found. Or we could see another Katori cruiser in its historical configuration as a premium. It's still a lovely ship to play though.


I don't know if I'm allowed to take screenshots (I'm worried they might fall into the wrong hands anyway), so I used this image instead, highlighting the torpedo tubes and catapult for comparison.


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You can take screenshots and post them in the closed section.


Nice find, before the last patch both the katori and erie felt as though they would be better as prem ships, at around tier 3.



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