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About MM of CV

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At high tier , DD or even CA , BB can not do anything in the battle when the MM was 2 CVs each team . It's just like this battle is for CVs and we ( DD , CA , BB )  are their meal . CA and BB may useful because of their AA-gun , but have you ever though that the DDs feel like ? It's sucks !!! when you can not do anything and keep feeding to CVs or being followed by the FTs and get killed by CAs ... and you are wearing a "+50% exp Flag" in your first win battle :hiding: 


so i suggest that we just need 1 CV each team ( or just only for high tier , low tier 2 CVs is ok )  or none . And everyone will be happy :D NvntP2d.jpgp/s:  luckily , i lose this battle :trollface: still have x2 exp :medal:

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