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new "Big Atoll" map idea

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Said its just an idea, but seems it gonna be fun (for some ships) well a bit unbalance gonna be fun
another idea to add by friend  : Coastal gun

>The Zone with Coastal guns / "Islands"
>The Island's dock should be good as a capture circle.
>Effective against Destroyers & Light Cruisers.
>Highly accurate.
>Allegiance based on which team captures first.

>Destroyed enemy ship by coastal gun will be added to team's score by A.I.



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Dear TC!
Detailed map was on the alpha test WorldofWarships.
But she did not get the support of the majority of testers.
Now this card is fully recyclable.

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+1 for the drawing xD


Well I don't think the coastal gun will be a good idea tho,there's only a few maps that this feature can be used on,in this case I'll take "Islands" as an example.


The "Islands" map are restricted to Tier 1-3 ships. Assuming that all of them are newbies and not just seal clubbing,this feature might turn them away from the game.Imagine a cruiser sailing into the enemy's cap zone to try and cap it,he's going to get focused by not only the enemy ships,but the coastal guns as well.And most of the newbies don't usually check their surroundings,being tunnel-visioned and beaching is normal. When that happens,people will usually rage because they cannot do anything at all. If he tries to kill the enemy ships,he's going to get killed by the coastal guns ; If he tries to kill the coastal guns,he'll get killed by the enemy ships.


And back to your idea,I don't think adding a new map that is extremely identical to the map already existing in game is necessary. Instead,maybe they can modify the "Ocean" map to something like what you drew or with other ideas mixed in as well. I don't know about you,but most of the time when I got into this map,most of the people just whines about how much they hate this map,maybe modifying it could be a good idea.




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Yes, and watch players go around in circles and shoot at each other :D




but srsly, it's a nice map, maybe add some more little islands for uber parkour/slalom ship sailing xD

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