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Points for Team Objectives

Should you get points/XP for Team Actions  

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Hi All,


Since Introducing the Com actions - the ability to designate targets and capture points - How about our team mates get points/XP/Credits for doing this?


as a BB, I'll typically Let my team know which flag I am going to - in the hope that I'll at least get when AA cruiser to come with me and a DD to spot targets. Then if I see a DD - I'll set it as a priority target so that hopefully our DD our CA will use their quick firing guns to neutralize it.


And I was thinking last night (after I had an awesome round with a Cleveland in support of me wrecking the DDs, whilst I wrecked the enemy CAs/BBs) - This player should be getting rewarded for completing the Team actions I am asking people to do: in FPS games (which is the Genre I used to play - including competitive play) this was a common thing - some points for team actions, more for Squad actions (like spotting targets, kill assists, kill saves) etc.


So Devs - How about it - shouldn't be huge, but certainly 50 base XP for completing a team action set by a team mate (and say 20 for assisting in a team action) and some credits (maybe 5000 for completing, 20 for assisting)

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In the argument of for or against supporting roles, in one instance, i can agree that Cruisers should in some respect be a supporting class, purely for the AA cover. A BBs AA is good, but a cruisers main job is to screen the fleets from aircraft attacks, which doesnt happen in WoWS, because there is no incentive to do so. Try playing a match in ANY cruiser you want, and tell me how much XP and credits you get for doing nothing but shooting down aircraft, or even a CV for that matter. Yes, its annoying when youre playing them, but its equally annoying AS ALL HELL for BB players, when your teammates in cruisers abandon you and leave you to die at the hands of torpedo and dive bombers.


What needs to happen, is there needs to be some sort of reward system in place for shooting down aircraft, which will then encourage cruiser players to not only do their own damage, but add upon it by screening a battleship. That in itself, is a supporting role, while still being able to be a selfish player and go for their own damage. After all, to reference CloakingDonkey, the game is based on a selfish progression system. You progress by YOUR damage, by YOUR kills, and by YOUR medals, not for supporting or helping anyone in a match, you dont progress by helping a battleship survive an aircraft attack, or spotting torpedoes, or anything of the like. It promotes being a selfish player, and focus on your score, not being a team player.


Same should be done for Destroyers, they need scouting damage multipliers as well. I cant count on even 100 different hands how many times several scenarios could have been solved by a destroyer simply scouting for the team rather than hiding behind an island waiting. Again, same for Carriers, give them a scouting bonus, for scouting for Battleships, whose main strength lies in heavy armament at long ranges. A Battleship is useless if its team does not spot the enemy team for them to shoot at, much akin to artillery in WoT. Without a team scouting tanks, the artillery is useless and might as well not be in the match.


Quoted myself, because i couldnt write it down any better here. This needs to happen to promote better team play rather than keep the same selfish gameplay we currently have.

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