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HMAS Australia

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so, i was thinking. Australia had some nice ships during WW2. and then i thought, I'm gonna try and get one in to WOWS!


The HMAS Australia was a county class heavy cruiser of the RAN, one of two that we owned. it entered service in 1928 and served right through WW2 leading many British, US, NZ and Australian divisions, she mounted an impressive 8 x 8-inch gun armament (4 twin turrets), 4 x 4-inch anti air guns, 4 x 2 pounder pom poms, 16 x .303 mg's 2 x quadruple 21-inch torpedo tube sets and 4 x 3 pound saluting guns. she had a top speed of 31 knots and had a catapult for aircraft. this ship was not only beautiful but very powerful being the flagship of the RAN and being a division leader for many Pacific Divisions, with 10 battle honors to her name she was one fighting machine. (may i add her guns had a 28 km range) :). this Aussie beauty survived multiple kamikaze attacks which falied to stop her.


I think the Devs should take into great consideration of how famous this ship is for Australia's naval history and strongly think about adding her as a Premium ship under the Royal Navy tree! this ship would add a great amount of class to the British line although of course keeping its Australian Vibe. there are many Australian players that would love to see this ship in game and a lot of foreigners would to after looking at her! this ship display's great fire power and looks to any mans fleet. this ship should definitely be added in to the game.


so i ask that everyone spread the word around about this Great Idea and help get this Piece of History going!!!!!   


Duplicate post.  Thread closed. 






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