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Enemy ( a bot - ie a non-random game mode) can be killed

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I had already sunk 3 ships with my Eire and got a Hem...whatever, the tier I German jobbie, down to 100 HP. My next 6 salvos directly into side did nothing - tried changing ammo type, nothing. She turned around, showed her other side, and my next salvo killed her immediately. I just couldn't damage her any further on her starboard side. ( I had knocked her down to 100 HP in very short time, so not me). I did not note any ping jump or obvious packet loss at time, target didn't jump around or anything. Had it been a human target I would have wondered about some sort of Hack (And yes I am aware that they really don't exist in WG products). The ship was just invulnerable to HE attacks from point blank in side for 6 salvos, and then on different side, wasn't. Just thought you should know, I haven't seen it before.

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You have depleted that section of the target's HP, if your shots (HE) aren't doing damage, change direction or aim at other parts of the ship.

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