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Forum Signature Request

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I've been wanting to get a good looking forum signature with Haruna from a certain game for a long time,but can't seem to find one...


I know there are a lot of creative player on this forum,but I'm definitely not one of them... I would've done it if I knew how to do it...

So if possible,I would be very happy if someone can make me the signature I wanted,and full credits will be given to the author who made the signature.



  • Does not contain nudity or anything inappropriate (I love lewd stuff but this is the forum so nope xD)
  • Has at least 1 picture of Haruna , a character from THAT game,and everything will be daijoubu.
  • Contains my IGN/Nickname in it (xDave1337x / Admiral Dave) and author name for credits purposes.
  • GIFs are accepted as well
  • Contains Haruna's catchphrase "はい、榛名は大丈夫です!"


And that's it! Thanks in advance! :honoring:



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