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If you have an nvidia card, you might wanna try Shadowplay. It doesn't hurt any in-game performance. If you have AMD, it's equivalent would be GVR. I tried Shadowplay myself and it does it job quite nicely although I did see some loss in quality due to the video is re-encode to mp4 (which is a lossy compression) but the loss in quality is barely noticeable. Not sure about AMD GVR since I don't have an AMD card. You might wanna ask other AMD users if you wanna know more about it or you can just google it yourself. :)


If you're feeling up for it, you can always try OBS. It's completely free and quite easy to set it up. Fraps, Bandicam and Dxtory are other options but since you said:

Yeah, not a big fan of the whole "watermark" and "30s time limit" thing

Then, I'll guess it's a no-go.

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