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Bug Report: About the IME in win10

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Issue:  Trouble inputting Chinese, Japanese in Win10


I typed something

It shows nothing, but I really typed something.


After I hit Space

After I hit Space the default word comes out without any other candidate to select.




Something like these does not appear.

Occurrences:  Always
Tested: See screenshots
Severity: High impact. Though I can type English but it annoys me sometimes.
Details: I use Microsoft Pinyin input in Win10. It does not work using Japanese input method either. I dont know if it occurs in Win8 or Win8.1 but it works fine in Win7.



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You need to press "Enter" after you write.


He's saying that the IME UI does not display in Windows 10. You need a visible UI when inputting ZH/JA, otherwise you don't know which homophonic character you're inputting. 非常 (very) and 肥腸 (fat sausage) are both pronounced "fei chang", the IME interface lets you choose which "fei chang" you want.


I don't have the same version of Windows as him, so I can't test this out. I'm using Windows 7, and the IME user interface displays properly when I'm in-game. Anyone else with Windows 10 want to try this out?

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I use a Chinese version of WoT, and the same menu doesn't show up. I don't think it's a problem with your client specifically, it's not implemented by WG. Hopefully they'll patch it in... Eventually of course.

Win10 user here

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