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HMS Warspite (03)

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Dear UK, you could have made Warspite a good museum ship since she's one of the capital ships you had that has a rather insane record for a dread.


For the most part, I'll revert to how I badpost since as I have said, 'normal' things feel a bit boring and I tend to deviate if I did have my way and I still remain as general as possible.






I gotta admit, the moment I heard of this dread scoring a sound hit at the maximum range on a moving target, I thought to myself "SUPERDREADNOUGHT OP!" but when I read of the whacking she got during that battle, I found it manly tear inducing that she actually scored that shot without correcting herself. I don't know if the old salt dogs who served their tenure regard her as a fine battleship or not, but I am impressed. The bow still looks rather strange however.


Just to be practical, Warspite was one of the sisters of the lead ship Queen Elizabeth and the class was hailed as an impressive super-dread within the Royal Navy. And the things were really fast too, running at about 24 knots and if you don't think that's fast for a dreadnought for all that type is worth, remember that dreads were intended to brawl, and the Queen Liz's were also capable of doing so, although they were a bit faster and could perform maneuvers usually not that really possible for a regular dread.




Warspite, as a Queen Liz dread, was also made of hax a very solid ship like the big sister. She had eight of the new 15 inch guns in four dual mounts in AB-XY configuration, a load of 6 inch guns for her secondary battery although two on the deck were removed when she was retrofitted because she gets hailed with fire easily, several pop shooters that make up her AA suite and submerged torpedo tubes. Yes, torpedo tubes. During her retrofitting however, she had new guns for her AA suites namely 4 inch pop shooters and the 40mm Pom Poms with their strange muzzle cones for blast deflection although I can't really say if they removed the 3 inch guns because from what I can gather, the 3 inch/20 cwt pop shooter has a rather amicable service ceiling of about 17k feet at best and had a good charge to tandem. The armor was however impressive for a fast dread like her; she was protected with nearly 14 inches of belt, mostly 3 inches of lower deck with the upper about 2 inches, 13 inches of turret and 13 inches of conning tower. Its also noted that even the Queen Liz ships, the torpedo bulges were substantial enough. With all the armor and offensive options, the boilers could give a crunch that propels the dread with about 24 knots which is practically really fast for a capital ship and we must remember that the battlecruiser was the fastest capital ship that did not stand in the battle line because it was meant to thug cruisers and be BEHIND the battle line unloading rounds.




After rigorously finishing her shakedown cruise in which Churchill was IN the freaky thing when she was enduring and left a good impression on her guns, she got her first rounds of clumsiness; she was aground when bunching up with destroyers into a small channel where afterwards she was repaired and reassigned to a newly formed squadron and the second one got her prow totaled when she accidentally hugged her sister Barham although she could still remain seaworthy and ran back to Scapa Flow to start repairs... just in time to get chucked during the most craziest naval brawl in World War I: the Battle of Jutland. Now Jutland was a funny run since their battlecruisers were all explode-y and design faults got railed instead of the proper storing of the cordite which was also their charges, the British nearly decimating the High Seas Fleet although failed slightly hard because the capital ships still got away because the lead officer thought they were being led to an 'all-you-can-torpedo' ambush zone by German U-boats combined with a potential rousing game of minesweeper and stopped running after them with Germany technically still having an effective navy that haunted the hell out of the north seas just by being there despite being limited in where to go.


Warspite during that time had tagged along with their battlecruisers during the initial battlecruiser action but was quite too far to influence squat during the initial skirmish even if someone sent signals wrong but chucked a German battlecruiser Vonn der Tann with her first hits during the run as the Germans were falling back, slugged another battleship Markgraf and got hit in the engine room which jammed the rudder and had her run at a full circle, nearly avoiding collision with her sisters Malaya and Valiant and earning a "senpai so cool please notice me" totally manly admiration from the crew of the cruiser Warrior which had been nearly whacked so hard by the enemy because she was practically tempting the fleet to hit her... although they didn't know that Warspite was busy trying to damcon the hell out of the ship and was being hailed with rounds because she was practically running in circles and running in circles = perfect target to be blasted. They did correct her afterwards but the steering problem never went away during her service run and during her circle run, she got whacked so hard that her GFCS were pretty much out and A turret was the only one unloading but all 12 salvos fell short because it was hard being a calculator when your ship was being plinked at by the enemy and she was taking a beating... a LOT of it. As the Brits crossed the T, she ran away to base in order for mass repairs and had been reported to have been chucked with nearly 200 hits and still floated. Now that is impressive. She also was the escorting battleship to oversee the internment of the High Seas Fleet at Scapa Flow.




Nothing much was chucked during the relative years of peace although there are some funny events that transpired with the ship. She was slated for a retrofit which she eventually got, had several ships hug her because of her aura as an elder sister and that ships loved to hug her human error, and there was that wonky time that one of her AA guns let go and the round went into the city and harmlessly dropped into the area where a platoon was exercising. She did, however sail much of her run at that point and had been to Constantinople/Istanbul before running back home because Royal Oak was torpedoed by a German sub.


Then, World War 2 rang out and she was a participant during the slugfest at Narvik where she was the first one to sink a sub by turning a general purpose 500 lb bomb into a sub killer by her new catapult biplanes some Fairey Swordfish at the time of that making her the first ship to sink a sub where the same plane was her spotting plane as well... talk about reliability. Was during the Narvik run she thugged a couple of German destroyers so hard that she sank one and played a rousing game of "torpedo the battleship" (she can't play pin the depth charge on the U-boat in return) with German subs and the traditional yet frustrating game of minesweeper but remained in Norway for bombardment actions. Then came her very noticeable action during the Battle of Calabria where, despite her actions, the whole "no-scope aimbot GFCS" at long range that connected with the battleship Giulio Cesare was, if not, THE most cheer inducing thing you could ever think of that's equivalent to seeing your battleship destroying an enemy ship in a single salvo with the delight and thrill of ages. Shortly after Giulio Cesare was hit and started slowing down, her escorting destroyers started laying smoke in order to let her and them run away as Warspite was still chucking in. A fun notion though, the Italians were focusing mostly on Warspite during the slugfest but normally, this wouldn't be advised since it would confuse the rangefinding teams on whose shell is who's.


After a brief event at the Indian Ocean where she participated during the Indian Ocean raid and the floating battery for the Madagascar landings, She was usually relegated to shore bombardment and AA platform although at one time she escorted the Italian fleet into Malta for internment and did the same for the one she used hax on, the Giulio Cesare and suffered one of the new Fritz X bombs that sent Italia, formerly Littorio, down under and eventually had her final retrofit. By now however, she was running as a bombardment ship and after the war ended she got decommissioned but her service record had proven her worth throughout two world wars, she got hit by stuff from shells and ramming to mines and a flippin missile and still she endured. You want her as a museum ship due to all she has done? Well screw you, we'll scrap her! And so she was designated for shipbreaking but a funny thing happened as she was towed, a storm ran in and her lines were cut, eventually running her aground in an island where she was refloated and was on her way to meet her fate. Seriously, why would you even scrap that thing. As far as people would know, that battleship, however old she was, had served with distinction and at least you could do is show off your mastery over the seas as the Warspite was one testament of that fact.


In-game, I keep hearing of the Warspite having very impressive guns despite the 16 km range (19km I think if you let the plane fly) and has a rather sluggish movement due to being a dread or so but her speed is really nice as she was one of the finer superdreads of WWI. Her guns can whack a few ships bigger than her I believe since I've seen the Warspite unload at a New Mexico during an 8km brawl and dealt severe damage onto her and outright destroyed a Fuso in one salvo, the rounds punching through the deck. As I write this, I am still itching to buy her so hard.


That is all.

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