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Game freezing (only after official release)

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Issue:   Sometimes while playing the game will freeze completely, forcing me to close it via the task manager. I get the *BLING sound from Windows with no mention of any error. It happens very randomly, sometimes I can play for hours with no issues, sometimes it happens on the first map. 

Occurrences:  I'm experiencing this problem daily, but as mentioned before there doesn't seem to be something very specific triggering the error. It could happen twice within few minutes, or just once in a few hours.
Tested: No, can't reproduce it.
Severity: It forces me to close WoW from the taskmanager.
Details:  WoW is the only game that is causing this issue on my pc. I don't have WoT. I have the latest nVidia drivers and the GPU temperature doesn't exceed 55C while playing.


I've never had this problem during the Beta.


My pc:

i5 4690

8gb ram

gtx 760

Windows 7


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