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the Deutschland class ships

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One of the more interesting ships Germany made aside from the notorious Bismarck, her sister Tirpitz who became the Lone Queen of the North and Scharnhorst who was the Lady of the Raiders, were the Deutschland heavy cruisers. I won't focus on a specific ship as always and as simplified as I can get.






In shipbuilding, the basic fundamentals such as the keel, bulkheads an hull integrity is a common aspect in the world, but the design thought differed with every country. Germany was one such in terms of ship, but ever since the war ended at that time, they were practically gagged by the Treaty of Versailles that literally forced them to be downsized and they could not field a sizable navy as they once did during the first war. To add insult to injury, the Washington Naval Treaty and their own restraining treaty limited ship construction, the most hard hitting was they were well limited to about 10,000 tonnes of displacement in armored ships and they weren't allowed to make new ones to add to their navy although they were allowed to make new ones to replace the aging ships they currently had. They couldn't simply build battlecruisers to counter this notion either as the Washington Treaty now makes the statement that a battlecruiser is equal to a battleship fact (I like to think that the battlecruiser was the proponent for the fast battleship) and such ships were quite weighty which would violate both treaties in one ship alone. The answer? Have the nations that look at the ship go "seems legit" as it does not practically violate the Washington Treaty as well as the Treaty of Versailles limits and the projects were called "panzerschiffe" or "armored ships" if we go on all prissy mode and this thing had a lot of political heat during the early Weimar Republic when they were still being keeled.




The panzerschiff lead, Deutschland (for those that need more bit, its Germany in their native tongue), was to be the example of what they could build something solid despite being restricted tooth and nail and it was quite impressive. Had a main armament of six 11 inch guns chucked on two triple mount turrets, some 6 inch guns for secondaries, a small number of 88's for a modest AA suite that was later fitted with more guns to improve the suite and tubes housing 21 inch torpedoes, and she had about 3 inches of belt, about 2 inches of deck, 5 inches of turret and possibly a reasonably armored mast as well. The powerplant could make the ships run at about 27 knots which was fast for a ship as chucked as her back in the day. Now why these things were called as "pocket battleships" by the British was that of their offensive armaments. The Germans succeeded in making a ship that practically did not break any clauses of the Versailles treaty as she had displaced at about 10,00 tonnes yet could still hit hard like a battleship as the 11 inch guns were standard mounts on their capital ships and if we go through it by comparative reason, the 11 inch caliber was practically battlecruiser grade guns for Germany. The only reason that I could remember why they chose the 11 inch guns and not an inch increment higher was to keep Great Britain and France from bitching hard at her armament which would truly make her a pocket battleship.




There were three of these things that served: Deutschland, the lead ship later renamed Lutzow (the Admiral Hipper class Lutzow was sold to the Russians) which sank by bombing, Admiral Graf Spee that met her fate somewhere at Uruguay by scuttling when Exeter and her consorts were sent in to blast her and Admiral Scheer who ended up bombed until sent down under as well. All three operated as commerce raiders but despite all being in the same class, each had tiny deviations in the eventualities of their building within the shipyards. Had two or all of them upchucked with a new bow since during shakedown they had a tiny bit of an issue with the fore end getting frequently washed so hard by the ocean when they sailed in choppy seas. They were reclassified as 'heavy cruisers' a year after the second war broke out however but the moniker "pocket battleship" and their old classification as "panzerschiffe" still remained.


In-game wise, I'm confident that she'll be a tier 7 premium heavy cruiser despite her unique stance. Her guns and her behavior, history and potential in-game wise, top her as a battlecruiser but her hull, with that 3 inch thickness, does NOT format her as a battlecruiser. EVER, as a battlecruiser was meant to engage other cruisers and were adequately protected from 8-10 inch guns at most. A simpler description for her would be that she hits like a low tier battleship, has the reach of a high tier battleship, moves like a heavy cruiser and has the armor of a light cruiser. I will also take this time to find a ship name changer and rename Deutschland into Conana, fulfilling Conan's wish for a "pocket battleship Conana" which forces everyone to abandon their ships. She will also be one ship I am looking forward to the whine that she easily thugs all the cruisers when she ever comes out, much to the eyegasm of the hardcore Kaiserliche Marine/Kriegsmarine lovers.


That is all.

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same i would like her to be into the game aswell but i would love have the pocket BBs in game  as well 

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I recall reading the Germans considered their 11" guns equal or even superior to the English 12" especially during WW1 with superior rate of fire and accuracy vs the heavier but slower shells.


Historically the Admiral Graf Spee was able to take on a 8"x6 and two 6"x8 so it would interesting to see a Deutschland class ship as either a high tier premium cruiser or a lowish tier battleship.

The potential 20+km range of the six 11"/28cm* guns, a pair of quadruple torpedo tubes and speed of 28knots would make them a difficult proposition to cope with particularly if the game mechanics allow for effective use of the eight 5.9"/15cm secondary guns.


The Scharnhorst and Gneisenau had improved longer 11"/28cm guns which had an effective range of 24.2KM (hitting HMS Glorious). These used slightly heavier shells 330/315 vs 300kg.

These were planned to be used in the planned Kreuzer P class (Deutschland class replacements) after the Scharnhorsts were up-gunned to 15/38cm.

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the Graf Spee was one of three pocket BB/s. I did not see them in their tech tree so Graf Spee will probably be a priemium ship.

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