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Need wargaming.net official opinion on blue lining

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im from korea and asking this opinion or answer for settle some moral issue which is happening in korea

korean GMsandbag revealed on platoon channel that blue lining user is target of punishment

i have no proof such as screenshot but i heard this who is saying he chatted with GM


after this is announced to korean users, people recognized blue-lining is no-manner, and some started to making list of blue-lining users and posting with screenshots

i feel this is kinda witch hunting because some ppl can put their ship's nose into blue-line unintentionally during evading and this case doesnt define them no-manners

either wargaming.net development team is working on this matter or not, still blue-line is existing in game and anyone can be victim of witch hunting

so i would like to ask for answers for following questions


1. does wargaming.net require reporting of blue-liners for judging and punishing?

2. does wargaming.net consider blue-lining is breaking of terms and conditions?

3. does wargaming.net have plan to fix blue-lining in any kind of form?

4. does wargaming.net consider blue-lining users no-manners?

5. does korean GM opinion go same to other server's?


i will appreciate for answers




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1. Nope.

2. Not really.

3. Yes, because blue lining is a serious issue.

4. Yes.

5. Yep.

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WG Staff
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We consider the issue of blue line abuse as a very serious matter. Please know that we are currently working on a solution. 

So, no, we are not currently issuing any sort of punishments in Asia because we are waiting for the development of the fix. 

After a fix has been implemented, then we will assess if there is any need of further changes in policy in regards to this issue.


I hope this was clear, if not, please feel free to ask me what part you need more explaining in.

Thank you.

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