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Found 3 results

  1. Since harugumos and Darings have potentially overwhelming firepower . Daring has also defensive hydro.. I think Z-52 is a bit weaker due to lack of maneuverability and because of typical armor scheme it also cannot sustain damage taken from large caliber shells. So cap contesting seems suicidal on Z-52.. If WG buff Z-52 a little much it will be atleast competitive against other DDs.. Imo the permissible buffs are as follows: 1. 1/4 Pen 2. Slightly longer smoke duration 3. more torpedo range for Z-23 TO Z-52, +0,5 to +1,5 km as new radar systems have been implemented to radar cruisers 4. slightly faster MG reload time (3,2 - 3,5s) 5. Sometimes it feels like if she had a heal like grozo and daring as they share very similar characteristics. Edit : I do not mean wg should add all these buffs. But if they add at least one buff to this ship it will be competitive.
  2. This ship has health pool but cannot tank anything. This is a ship that can be outgunned by every other dds .. This ship has fast torpedos but damage and flood probablitys are meh.. Anyone there can help me out? Please?