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Found 4 results

  1. Metal_illness

    Weimar review

    My Weimar review: Carbine Carlito is spot on with his review, although he does claim it was OP when in test and had a 1 second faster reload...for some reason. Here are Mudfarts bits that CC's leave out: To play Weimar, you're going to get very tired, exhausted type tired, because you need to put a large amount of energy and focus into each battle with this ship. Weimar shines at end game, when your team is winning, and chasing those last enemy BBs to rear of map, if your team hasn't made it to this point in any given battle...well its a loss then, isn't it?, and your probably already dead. Skill floor is high, skill ceiling is ALL LUCK, because you're going to need a perfect entire team to help carry you. Weimar can't island camp, so strap on your adult diapers and get ready for some open water fighting (remember THAT???!?).... Take faster engine acceleration and decel for sure (same as CC says), because it's pretty much your best defense. now pretty much you're going to angle in towards the closest enemy, up to detected range of 11.5kms, prayers and sacrifices to your deity will protect you from being spotted by dd or planes, then kite away, and only THEN, can you start attacking ANYONE. Oh great flying spaghetti monster in the sky....D'OH I'm dead already!. Repeat this until your dead. Is Weimar worth the $50 AUD?: No. -the focus and intense energy sapping power of this ship makes playing it exhausting -there are more "fun" free tech tree ships to play, many, MANY MORE. How many games will you get out of Weimar before you remove it from primary ships, and forget you even have one? Maximum of 3... YEP 3x random battles for your $50 AUD. Other ze German prem ships I have in port, that are much more "fun" that I also never play: I'll start with Eric Lowenblowen, Munchen, Mainz, Prinz Eugen, Hipper (kinda prem got for free), tier 6 premium dd that was removed from store, Scharny, Biz, hell even Dudpitz, maybe a couple others. Lets give it scores, coz well i gotta get SOMETHING for my $50 (0-10): fun factor 3 value for money 1-2 ability to carry a team 0 skill floor 7 skill ceiling 3... WHAT DA F ...how does THAT work WG?. Please share YOUR thoughts on Weimar below.
  2. FFS why in the world do people think it's a good idea to take a PENNED SHIT COLA into rank? i just had 2 of them on my team and we lost, then i had the same Pensacola on my team for 2 matches, and we lost those too, and the most infuriating thing was that bastard managed to keep all his stars because he sat in our DD's smoke and spammed BBs on the other team all day long please do not prove yourselves to be stupid skrubbish noobs by showing up in rank with a penned shit cola, the only thing it's good at is giving DSs to BBs and taking up a useful spot on the team
  3. AdmiralAckbar13

    Unusual word censored in battle chat

    Just wondering why the developers decided to automatically censor the word 'you' in battle chat? Makes it very frustrating when asking team mates questions, such as 'what are you going to do?' or 'do you know where the destroyer is?' Can we get it uncensored please? Doesn't make much sense to me.
  4. Been waiting for this for so long - can we change the fricken battle summary screen at the end of the game to include total damage dealt? Amount of XP earnt is great, fantastic, wonderful - but it does not allow you to rank yourself / your teams performance against the other guys, because credit loss to the loser. Please - simple request. This ==>