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Found 45 results

  1. Don72

    Gun Sounds Mod How?

    I read someone saying you can put Shikishima gun sounds on another ship eg Yamato. Has any one done this? If so, this may just convince me to save my steel for another ship! Was going to eventually get Shiki as I love big guns and the sound, but if I can get the same sound on my Yamato then that would be great. Has anyone done this? Are there any issues or problems with doing so? And last, but most important, HOW do you do this? I'm not a computer expert. Is there a step by step "how to" guide, showing each step, how to get the sounds from one ship to another? That is, assuming there are no bugs or issues that doing so would cause. Thanks in advance. Don72
  2. We've all had them, now it's time to share them. Doesn't have to be a failed to carry thread. I want to see that everyone else gets these special kinds of people too.
  3. Ho_Chi_Minge


    WG require a minimum of 10 battles to post in the forums, yet there is no limit on played battles to enter Ranked. Ranked is supposed to be a more competitive form of random yet it's not, it's just a potato festival with less potatoes per team. Would it be that bad to have a 'you must have been a potato for at least 500 battles' to enter? It won't fix much, because this is potatoland anyway regardless of how many battles they have played after botting their way to tier X, but it might, in a tiny way, make Ranked less of a joke.
  4. Ho_Chi_Minge

    Epicentre - why?

    I'm curious as to who at WG Asia thought it was a good idea to introduce a battle mode that demands being closer than 20kms to enemy ships on a server where the majority of players are ...cough... passive to say the least? Most of them barely comprehend domination mode. Edit; Just copped it twice at tier X with stereotypical asiateams who congregated at the back of the map.
  5. Ho_Chi_Minge


    On a massive losing streak for 3 days, I started checking both teams stats at the end of every 'fun and engaging' one sided battle. I've done this for a week, close to 100 battles and it looks like MM stacks a majority of low stat 'players' on one team and a majority of reasonable to good/great on the other. This may just be a statistical glitch and it's only a small sample but surely over the course of 100 battles there should be more than maybe 10 - 20 actual decent battles..the rest are just crap. I've seen the same with radar cruisers as well, often one team has an advantage. Has anyone else seen anything like this or is it just me trying to work out why I feel jinxed lately with typical superasiawinnerteams?
  6. Ho_Chi_Minge

    Needs more bots

    Hi all, and this is specifically aimed at WG Asia I was wondering what WG ASIA is doing about bot accounts, if anything. I am seeing more and more of these 'players' that do very little, even by Asia server standards. After battles I'm checking the profiles of these very very hard to detect ninjas and 36--42% is pretty consistent, average damages range from 6k - 8k, Kill/Death ratios of 0.1 are pretty normal for them. Everyone knows that botting is rampant here, same as it was on WoT Asia, yet these accounts are racking up thousands of battles and WG seem to be struggling to do anything about it, or ignoring the issue. I see 1 on average every battle yet WG has access to all the data and the problem persists. I know it's a lot to ask, given that they can't even get CV balance right, but surely they can slap a ban hammer on bot accounts just as easily as they would on anyone that points out that they're incompetent.
  7. 3x3 460mm/45 Type 94 2x3 155mm/60 Type 3Y (3rd-Year) 12x2 100mm/65 Type 98 46x3 25mm Type 96 4x2 40mm Type 5 "Bofors" I like the yamato.
  8. 希望遊戲中的大和號的最後一個炮塔能和前面一樣加兩座25mm三聯裝機槍(美觀強迫症 參見1945年版的大和號
  9. So, when I play I try to check the stats of any pink player / anyone in a fail division. So in a game, and this player is fail div'd. Below is a list of ALL the games this person has played. Excluding the Yamato, not quite 200. Yup. But if he has free XP'd most of the line, how the bloody hell did he accumulate enough XP to convert to free XP? Even if he spent money to buy flag boosts / camo etc, I cannot see how he could have done it. I could post the link to his stats page, but I'm not sure if that is forum rule breach. But if are wondering why there are so many , lets just say very average players out there at top tier, well here is one reason...
  10. HSF_Akeno_Misaki

    Yamato premium skin, what's the point?

    With the new Yamato skin from HSF, is there really any point in having the premium skin? I mean this in the sense that since I have the HSF skin, can I get a refund in doubloons or something by selling the premium skin? There's literally no point in even having it as I believe that the HSF skin is better and more worth it as you can grind commander xp at a better rate.
  11. Admiral_224

    Does Yamato need a buff?

    Title says it all. I feel that the Yamato looks rather... lackluster compared to the other tier 10 BBs. Right now, she is just basically a XP/Credits piñata for any HE spammer. So, does Yammy need a buff right now?
  12. Recently , i have a heated arguement with another countrymen about the Yamato vs GK vs Montana BB in WoWS. I argue that Montana is a much more powerful BB , with the right mix of everything. And better overall at shredding everything while not losing much when facing BB. GK is the YOLO specialist that can screw Yamato in most matches provided that it can get close at somepoint or just be a lazy bum and spam 12 HE at Yamatos while angled His defend for the Yamato include : Both have same rudder , but Yam get tighter turn circle The 27 knots speed vs 30 speed is bogus since both will usually operate way below that speed. Glorious gun with overmatch , tighter grouping , better dispersion and better AP alpha. Can deal heavy damage to any ship regardless angle ( 9k is heavy in his sense) If a Yamato zig zag his movement using the tighter turn , Montana has no chance , especially at range. Most dont install rudder shift on Montana , so no way a Mon can get to a Yamato broadside without eating a few citadels. The slow gun traverse isnt bad thanks to how far out it can shoot effectively. It DOESNT fear torpedo , thanks to the ridiculous belt. Montana fear torpedoes while GK is hard to dodge torps even with its Hydro. How do i convince that thick head that Montana is objectively better , his arguement seems to point out that Yamato gun will take care of them all ? Bonus : this afternoon : World of BB
  13. HSF_Akeno_Misaki

    Yamato Haifuri skin error

    Hi, As I was playing on the PTS server, I noticed that in the HSF Yamato skin, the radar mounts aren't the same and don't match up to the more modern rotating radar mounts that are shown in the anime. I've added some pictures for comparison. I would like to know if you could fix this. Also is there any news on how the skin will be available as I would prefer it if it would be in a bundle with the Yamato premium skin so that those who have the skin wouldn't feel cheated that such a good skin (+50% commander xp) would be available for free.
  14. HSF_Akeno_Misaki

    Yamato radar rotation

    The large radar finder on the Yamato rotates as per where you're shooting, but can these radar dishes on it rotate independently on top of the radar finder, like they do in the log-in video shown. Thanks
  15. HSF_Akeno_Misaki

    Yamato radio rotation

    I believe that the two radio antennas on top of the IJN Yamato tower should be animated to rotate, much like the rotation that is visible on US battleships such as the USS Alabama. It should be pretty simple and will add some life to the Yamato in my opinion.
  16. BunnyDragon

    Yamato Collection Question

    I am free to play and I am working on the Yamato Campaign right now. I've completed the final mission on mission 1 for the Campaign. My understanding is that the collections will start to drop in containers that you earn. Just when does this happen? I've not gotten a single collection item dropped. I've tried getting xp with only T8 and no luck there as well. Or do I only have to complete the final mission of the campaign or buy a container?
  17. KOR_NEGAGARA_Hawaii

    Yamato 18.1 Gun modelling error

    I had a doubt. Like changing battleship Nagato turret modeling Battleship Yamato 18.1 GUN Do not you want to correct the modeling error? So much
  18. Commander_Stacey

    Research Trip

    I'm currently writing a book on the battleship, Yamato. Unfortunately, resources and information in Australia are very limited, and is stalling my progress. I have set up a Go Fund Me page to seek assistance in getting to Japan to conduct further research on the ship. I have World of Warships to thank to sparking a deep-seeded interest in this ship and her history, and I could really use everyone's assistance in getting my book completed. If you would like to assist, please follow the link below, or at least share it to drum up support. Thank you all in advanced. [content removed] Advertising/solicitation. Post edited, thread locked, user warned. ~amade
  19. Yichen_Li

    Spotter plane range stackup

    So it was my first ever Yamato battle, didn't install any module or crew skill as I wanna test it out first. So my first spotter plane got shot down, but the range didn't go away. I then launch a second spotter plane. The range somehow stack-up! Clean client no mods or anything. Edit: I just test again after cleaning my Yamato, not working. Maybe it's just the first battle? Edit2: I've no idea Yamato stock range is 26k, apologies from a GFK player, damn Yamato's gun is crazy.
  20. SanguinusXII

    Montana vs Yamato

    I don't know if I'm just crap at BBs but I have real trouble dealing with Yamatos in the Montana, even more then i had in the Iowa. So I've had enough of bashing my head against the wall so I figured I would ask for others opinions before the salt content in my body eclipses water. I try to sneak up on them when possible but the opportunities to do so are rare due to Monty's speed and concealment and the only way I've had any luck with when dealing with a bow on Yamato is to approach at an angle to try and mitigate the dreaded bow citadels (coughbalancedcough) and attempt to citadel them through that sweet spot where the citadel armor is flat through the side of the bow underneath the front two turrets, this usually costs me a very large chunk of my HP and is near impossible to pull off against a competent captain or a Yamato with escorts because you end up burning to death or with torpedos shoved where they really don't belong. TLDR: How do you all deal with Yamatos in your Montana. Thanks in advance EDIT: To clarify; I love the Montana and the issues I'm having are infinitely more likely to be captain error rather than her. I don't want anyone to think I'm bashing the ship. Thanks again for the advice
  21. piaya

    Hybrids CVs

    Hybrid ships implementation Separate tree? Hull configurations? Premium? from reddit worldofwarthip thread Mogami CL CV Tone CL CV Ise BB CV Yamato BB CV (concept) edit: add HMS furious 1st CV hybrid configuration USN concept
  22. Boo_Keeper

    Battleship Development

    Battleship Development Upgrades and More!!
  23. Lupusregina

    3rd video! Please check it out!

    Hey guys, this will be the second video that I have posted onto youtube where I record funny and epic moments from my world of warship play sessions. It will help me out greatly if you guy can check it out! This is my second attempt at video editing and I have put a lot of effort into it. Hope you guys enjoy it! Heres the link to the video. Please give your opinions on it. Thanks!
  24. Lupusregina

    3rd video! Please check it out!

    Hey guys, this will be the second video that I have posted onto youtube where I record funny and epic moments from my world of warship play sessions. It will help me out greatly if you guy can check it out! This is my second attempt at video editing and I have put a lot of effort into it. Hope you guys enjoy it! Heres the link to the video. Please give your opinions on it. Thanks! Duplicate Post. Thread Locked. User Warned. ~ADM_dude
  25. Hello... I was looking at Yamato blueprints and wondered what if she was designed differently... So i edited some of them and made some changes based on how i would've liked Yamato to be. They're obviously gonna be OP in game tho. I'll just be sharing them here. Here's the Original Yamato: [plans art by: amirrrrruuuddddddiin] Here's Yamato with Turret 3 capable of turning a full 360: Here's Yamato with 4 Turrets: Enjoy!