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Found 42 results

  1. Michael_Scofield_


    初心者さんからワイワイ気軽に遊びましょう。 勝ち負けだけを気にする方には向いてないクランです。 気軽に遊べる方 募集 クラン戦は頻繁に出てるクランです
  2. loislumbangaol

    Language problem

    I want the WG added the Indonesia language, because most people of Indonesia like this game.
  3. Does any one knows which website is more accurate for your personal progress tracking? Which is which now I find there is disparity between these 2 websites:- Yesterday - asia.warships.today showing purple rating 1,535 where as asia.wows-numbers.com showing 2,046 blue rating and for today is vice versa. The only difference is the number of battles played with different class of ships. Today 11 battles in dd where as yesterday the battles was 5(dd)+6(CA). I thought the parameters/logic would have to be the same? Can any expert help out to explain which is the better website to use? I realised that asia.wows-numbers.com is always showing a higher number asia.warships.today asia.wows-numbers.com
  4. Hi, I'm ITP_Justindhra from ASIA server. May I ask about changing the victory background from original to a fanart that I like. Is there any idea/How to change it? These pictures are the examples before changed & after changed : Thankyou for the answers🙏
  5. Is it just me or do we need to have a change that save the stars for the top 2 players instead of one for loss battles?
  6. Greetings my fellow admiral....I'm here looking for Malaysian player who active in forum...another country also welcomed to join....
  7. sorry all for annoying you all with 2 new topics, completely irrelevant but oh well after 3k games of wows, and 2 (almost 3) years of playing this game, i consider myself almost a veteran. i've come so far since my first battle, and within the time i've became more interested in these tinnies floating in the ocean, both in game and in real life. i've loved and hated this game so much, made friends, got that ship that i wanted, and the game has brought plenty of joy (and a fair share of anger, RNG looking at you). i've got my first tier 10, i've experienced how great this game is. but i dont know what happened, that joy was killed, extinguished, i stopped playing all the time, i didnt keep up with every update. after that, i've become more interested in tanks, (wot specifically) its fun, but i dont want to forget how much fun wows is too. what this whole topic is about, is me asking, does wows feel the same as it did when you started? if no, why? if yes, why? maybe its because we forget that we all installed this game overnight, so the next day we could have fun sailing the seas. am i taking the game too seriously? am i seeking perfection, and get annoyed when i dont get that? these are just the thoughts as to why i dont play anymore. what do you guys think? have a good day/night (whenever you read this)
  8. XxxGr1ffinxxX

    having 2 servers at once

    well, theres no hiding the SEA server isn't the best. we don't have any well-known CC's/youtubers, over half the server doesn't speak english, making team communication difficult (and i feel no one else uses pings 9 times out of 10). so after joing Denarmo's discord, and had chat on a server, i wanted to have a chance, not a big one, but a chance to play with/against my favourite wows youtubers (Flolo, flambino, denarmo, yuro) so i want to play on a different server, but whats here on my SEA account. so here are my main questions what server do most of the youtubers play on? (preferably denarmo's) how do i install a new client for a different server? (do i use my WG account, make a new one, etc.) what happens to all my progress here? is it affected thank you all in advance
  9. Subamrines were released in this update...what are your vuews on this? I find the sonar powered torpedos hard to use.
  10. https://youtu.be/m4pCpGTliaQ
  11. XxxGr1ffinxxX

    opinions on WoWs atm

    Hey all! i haven't played wows in a few months now, long story short technical difficulties, but yeah, i do miss it a bit, but ive been playing wot blitz atm, once i get a hard drive i'll play normal wot because i know from experience that running that is easier that warships. But anyway how is the game? i know theres the new osteryeetland with 95 knot torps in progress, a british heavy tech tree, and indomitable? a premium british cv, t8 i think. and the new european destroyer line, which i believe follows the gameplay of friesland? and yeah thats what i can tell you that i think is happening. just an off topic discussion really quick i notice that the cv and the spg have very similar roles, however wg realised releasing premium spg's were bad (sexton II and lefefefe) which the 'balans' ap shells. but i think premium cv's are kind of the same, with the enterprise being a big whoops because of 1 its overpowered bombs, rockets, and still respectable torpedo bombers. and its not as easy to kill a cv like killing an spg in wot. but thats just me hope you are all having a great day ;)
  12. Capt_Skywalker

    World of Warships Bullshittery

    Anyone here makes WoWs bullshittery/funny fail compilations/ship reviews like Yuro does (with his robotic voice) ??
  13. so I'm trying my hand at British BB and I still don't what the heck am I doing. okay, that part was a bit of a lie because I'm on tier 6 and have a 8 point captain with preventative maintenance, expert marksmen and superintendent. any tips?
  14. Having a clan that are entirely inactive but still wants an active clan as you're tired of it? Low battle statistics but you think you are worthy of a good clan? Do you need a good advice from a veteran clan members? Then, come on up and lets go for Hell Fire clan. We give a gentle but scorching hot shells from hell to our enemy and gives advices for cute little noobs of World of Warships on how to do that. If you want some gentle firing warm love, go here and join our clan
  15. WG Dev Team, You need to do something about your new CV meta. It needs a serious balance adjustment. Problem 1: The new CVs at higher tiers are like a premeditated murderer at a birthday party. At the start of the match they just look at the crowd and pick a target to focus all their air power onto: the hapless victim is completely powerless to defend themselves and dies. And this all goes down in the first five minutes of that match when people have barely moved from their starting positions and are surrounded by teammates. I've had it happen to me at the START of matches where my battleship was surrounded by my team and very near to our starting position on the map: for whatever reason, the enemy CV decided my ship was "The One" and proceeded to send onslaught of plane after plane against my vessel until I sank. My team mates couldn't help despite being next to me. My own AA was useless, even when supposedly "reinforced". This has happened too many times now. Problem 2: The recall feature of CVs is too open to abuse. Surface ships are too afraid to pop a DFAA or Fighter consumable because you're not sure if the enemy CV is going to do a recall and force you to waste your consumable so that they can pummel you later when the consumable wears off and is on cooldown. This is not effective gameplay. The price aircraft should pay for attacking surface ships is taking AA damage during the attack and taking AA damage whilst they escape.... not simply pressing the F key and warp jumping to safety. Problem 3: The spotting mechanics of aircraft needs to be revised. Surface vessels can only see the planes when they are literally on top of you. Also the enemy CV players are able to disguise the true strength of their squadron.... that single squadron of torpedo bombers suddenly morphs into 2 - 3 squadrons at a range of 5km. Basically surface ships never see enemy aircraft coming until they attack, they never see the true strength of the enemy aircraft, and the enemy aircraft use the recall feature to then disappear in a puff of smoke. CV aircraft have basically become invisible ninjas and there is almost no defence for the surface ships. Problem 4: CVs have utterly ruined destroyer play. What's the point of destroyers if CV aircraft can ninja in and out of an area and spot the enemy absent of any kind of risk? Flanking cruisers face similar problems to destroyers, as they're not intended for front line combat but for hiding and shooting as the opportunity presents itself... except they can't hide now thanks to CV enabled perma-spotting Problem 5: The new Manual Fire AA Control commander skill is useless. All you get is a 20% reinforcement bonus and a measly 2 second time saving when reinforcing sectors? Are you guys serious? This is a 4 point skill which is often used by players who've taken the time to invest in a 14 point commander. It's now pointless for surface ships to be a pure AA build because the crowning achievement of the AA build, the MFAAC commander skill, is now a pointless waste of time. Problem 6: (UPDATED!) Surface ship AA is a waste of time and useless. It creates pretty fireworks but not much else. If you're in a dedicated AA vessel you may actually shoot down a few enemy planes but you're still totally powerless to stop the enemy CV from hitting you or swarming you. Reinforcing your AA is also a waste of time and pointless: minimal effect upon enemy CV planes as the enemy CV normally tries to cross the axis of your ship anyway. Problem 7: (UPDATED!) The Fighter Consumable is a waste of time. It's too easy for enemy CVs to bait you into blowing your Fighter Consumable via use of the recall function. And why do the Fighter Consumable fighters return back to your ship as soon as they land three kills? I've been in situations where I'm being swarmed by enemy fighters in a supposedly decent AA surface vessel, I pop my Fighter Consumable and they return to base after downing three enemy planes even though there is time left for the Fighter Consumable planes to continue patrolling? Makes utterly no sense. The Fighter Consumable planes should patrol for the full duration of their consumable, no matter how many planes they shoot down. The action time for the consumable is pitiful anyway, so the 3-kill limit you've imposed makes absolutely no sense. Most of the time the Fighter Consumable shoots down ZERO enemy planes but if I'm lucky maybe ONE. Problem 8: (UPDATED!) CVs can only deal damage, they cannot provide air cover. CVs have absolutely no interest in team work now as their sole purpose is to deal damage faster than the enemy CV and cannot assist team mates with air cover. This means you can never take advantage of strategic positioning errors by the enemy team. See a gap in the enemy lines and want to cut off their escape? No can do because as soon you get into an advantageous position and cause the enemy ships to crap themselves, the enemy CVs see what you're doing, break off all other engagements and swarm you. Previously friendly CVs could provide you with air cover. Now you are encouraged to always play defensively whenever an enemy CV is in play because you have absolutely no defense against air attack... even if the enemy surface ships are wide open and begging to be pummeled from the opposite direction because they left a gap in their lines. Forget about intelligent map positioning and exploiting weaknesses in the enemy formation, as now you are forced to clump up together to survive like you're a character in a zombie movie. The Fighter consumable is a joke as is the reinforced AA and the MFAAC commander skill, so your ship is utterly defenseless against CV attack. This new CV meta has been out for many months ago. It's utterly unacceptable that the major flaws in this meta still remain unresolved 4 months later. Meanwhile you're churning out updates for new Soviet battleships. Who wants to play a Soviet battleship when the new CVs are ready to eat your shiny new Soviet battleship for lunch and your sole means of survival is praying to whatever God you believe in that the CVs attack someone other than you? I've read responses where you've said you're "listening to all the voices out there" and "if you feel like it" and the "data supports it", you might change something. Stop stalling and fix the issues now. They're not that hard for you to address. You've had long enough. (And we're all still waiting WG.... and waiting... and waiting... I want to say it's nothing short of disgraceful)
  16. まえがき このトピックには個人的な主観が含まれます。 全般的な調整、フィードバックについて思うこと WoWsの他、WGタイトル全般に言えることなのかもしれませんが、全般的な調整力が不足しているのではないかと思いました。 フィードバックを受けるという形式はよいものだと思うのですが、調整不足を補うための要素になっているように感じています。 ゲームシステムの開発時点で理想とする形を追求したうえで、PTなどで微調整をしてGA版としてのリリースを行うのが本来のあるべき姿なのではないでしょうか。 WoWsの面白さを追求するアップデートを行って、それに沿った形でユーザーの意見を取り入れていくのは難しいことなのでしょうか。 現状だとフィードバックという要素が逆転した位置関係にあり、ユーザーの声を中途半端に取り入れて振り回されているように感じます。 大多数の意見や影響力のある意見を取り続けて方向性が定まらない現状が、果たして本当に正しい姿と言えるのか疑問に思っています。 運営陣が理想とするWoWsの姿はどういったものであるのか、明確なビジョンが見えないのは自分だけなのでしょうか。 フィードバックの有意性を感じなくなるユーザーが増えてしまった現状では、意見の確度も下がってしまっています。 複数のコミュニティで意見を収集しています。より多くの情報が必要なため、思うところがあれば議論していただければと思います。
  17. KaiserPhantasma

    Next Server Maintenance?

    Good day I just want to ask when is the next planned server maintenance as I want to avail of premium and want to take that juicy additional 1 day
  18. MikuChrome

    Enough is enough

    Well done WoWS team, you just achieved exactly what WoT did to "Artillery rework". The whole game is now unenjoyable with this "CV Rework", haven't you learn anything like at all ? You have like the whole community as a reference to prevent this from happening but no you just not get it don't you, you just have to push this through because you spend your time and resources on it. SEA server potentially be the "worst" server, for what reason, why don't you try to find that out by simply visiting the place and see the meta as a reference to make the game better and more enjoyable ??? So many misturn starts with Belfast, British Battleships, British Destroyers and all other type of unbalanced/premium ships introduced but we all can accept this to certain level since it doesn't really effecting much players. Bugs that exists since beta still around the players can still accept it since again it doesn't effect much players, GUI is an annoyance of waiting and stuttering but we love the game so whatever. But this .......This is too much You have 4 classes of ships 3 of which are surface units having a role of a footsoldier. The last one have a role comparable to a "Commander" role in some FPS games, no doubt about it this is hard to balance it out since it plays completely different. Since you want that role to be somewhat accessible to all kind of players by toning it down to be somewhat closer to surface units gameplay..... Now look at your magic. All 3 surface units are now basically a punching bag for the game, AA ships can't even fend off for itself every single one of them either have to hide in fear or flocked up like a sheeps waiting to be picked off. I don't know what you're trying to achieve other than alienating those 3 classes of ships out because your magic did exactly that, Making the "Commander" role play like a Footsoldier. If the players get to choose between the two role with no limitation everyone will no doubt pick the one that will grant them more power than the other role. The change that changes nothing. You say this change will make the class less dominant, which make sense, considering you're tuning the role of a "commander" to be more of a footsoldier. Fixing the problem of fishermen altogether. Do you failed to realise when a group of players want to rip your game aparts they absolutely will !? You're suppose to reward these players for going through your work to an extreme and accept that not all the players are going to do that but no you just have to attempt to bring them down to the same level as other. For how long do you think these players will stay the same level as the other, think about it, these group of players loved your game so much they will rip the game apart to be up there at the top. Sooner or later they will be back achieving what they always do so what's the point of this so called "change" other than alienating more players and potentially enraging these hardcore fans ? Also if I have to be more direct on this subject this is exactly what the game is like 2 years ago before all the AA buff and CV Changes. You just need to learn to let go of these wasted resources/time otherwise its the players letting go.
  19. Crazy_Vaclav

    Clan Battle "Prime Time"

    WG, Please do not exclude Australian, Japanese and New Zealand clans from participating in Clan Battles. Your current "prime time" is extremely late in those time zones and will prevent the vast majority of the player base competing. Please expand the window to allow us to access this content we have all been so patiently waiting for.
  20. タイトルの通りなのですが、WOWSの公式実況者になるにはどうすればいいのでしょうか・・? 具体的にはこれからWOWSの動画とかを投稿するときに付けたいので気になります・・。
  21. yobbo1972

    vote for WGC or not

    vote yes for WGC or vote NO for it we as a community have the right to voice our opinions on what we want or don't want within the game
  22. Kitsune_Ivy

    Test feedback

    weather situation improve. night day battle still wanted
  23. I have been playing world of warships before it was released on steam, and after the steam release, I have been using the steam client for the game since its faster and i prefer it. But for each game steam makes a new account for the user for that game and to disable this I have removed the steam.api file for this game so it wont do it and let me login to the game with my old WoWs account, and since currently there have been DLC releases for this game on steam which I'd like to buy for my wows account so would it be possible to link my WoWs account with my steam so I could buy those DLC's to use it in my WoWs account. Thanks
  24. just thought I'd start a post where everyone can post their most impressive games, to show off their skill to the community.
  25. 発生した現象:wows自体が起動しない。 出現頻度:起動を行おうとする度 再現性: 再現可能 重要度: 重度 詳細: 何度かアンインストールを行いましたが全く変化しなかったので報告いたします。エラーコードについてはアンインストール前と後で変化はありません。エラーコードは以下の通りです。 システム構成 CPU:AMD ryzen 7 1700x RAM:16GB GPU:AMD RADEON R9 390x OS:Windows10 pro 64bit